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    Been a Red Wings fan since 1987. Played hockey for 12 years making it to AAA Midget. I keep trying to watch but the NHL has consistently tried to ruin their product every year.
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    2015 Round 1 Photoshop War: Tampa Bay Lightning

    Apologies to Jersey Wing for using the same photo. I didn't notice it until I was done.
  3. bruisebrother15

    Wings to Eastern Conference Someday?

    If the NHL could guarantee that no playoff games start later then 9pm if the Wings stayed in the West than I'm all for them staying put. Since that probably won't happen I vote for them to move to the East. I have to be at work at 7am and can't watch much of a double overtime game that starts at 10pm or 10:30pm. Screw the DVR, I want to watch it live. I agree that the hockey in the West is better though.
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    Scott Stevens: The Definitive Reel

    I will agree that a few of hits would be called interference today but I disagree with the person who said he elbowed Lindros on that hit. If you look at the replay you can plainly see that his arm is tucked against his body. The elbow only comes up after the hit on the follow through. If your arm is tucked against your body the shoulder, bicep area, and elbow are legal hits. Sticking out your elbow to hit someone is a penalty. The speed of the game makes a lot of these hits look illegal because you react to what happens after the hit. Ask Kronwall. The Kariya hit was a little late but you are taught not to admire your pass going through the middle. I was taught to put my shoulder right into the sternum of the opposing player. That area is about 6 inches below the chin. Sometimes if a player had his head down or leaned forward just as I was hitting him, I would catch him on the chin. If he is coming through the middle with his head down that is his fault. Shots to the head that are face to face are hockey, it's the blindsided hits to the head 3 seconds after the pass that we need to get rid of. Some of Stevens hits do fall into that category. You are going to get hit in the head in hockey. It's a game of intimidation. If you don't want to then go play chess.
  5. bruisebrother15

    for replace hudler ...

    Me like'em 1 and 9 to for replace Hudler Kemo Sabe.
  6. bruisebrother15

    Samuelsson Selling His House?

    This doesn't mean he is gone. Holland just cleared up a rumor. He may still offer him a contract once the cap is set and he sees what other players do. I think this is just precaution on Sammy's part. He can always take his house off the market anytime before accepting an offer for it. Of course, maybe Holland has spoken to him already about not coming back. I'm ready for Ericsson to be on the point for the 2nd PP line so he can let that big shot of his go. I hope his wrist heals so he can smoke a few. I hate the forwards on the point unless is was someone like Fedorov who had the speed and hockey I.Q. to get back.
  7. bruisebrother15

    The Real Reason We Lost the Cup

    We have to make sure we hit one of the other teams players with an octopus in each round. We can't leave it up to chance anymore.
  8. bruisebrother15

    why not grab some playoff style defensemen?

    I could see replacing Lebda with a hard hitting stay at home defensemen. Someone who will always be back and has a good first pass. Can't think of anyone off hand. That guy Lilja would work. Kronner and Stuart need to be separated. Since the first game of the season both of them have been bad in the turnover department. You can't have both DMEN with the same type of faults on the ice together. Splitting them up also means the other team has to keep their heads up while two pairs of D are out there. But, who do you move up to the first pairing? Or who do you drop to the third pairing? I think I move Stuart to the third pairing where you are stuck paying over 3mil to a fifth defensemen. Also, Big Rig and Lebda do not complement each other. Some times it develops over time, and sometimes it can't be forced.
  9. bruisebrother15

    Comedy: Turco calls MAF to offer advice on beating Wings

    I thought this was posted on the Onion when I first saw it.
  10. bruisebrother15

    Delay of Game Penalty

    What if a Pens fan at the Joe throws an octopus on the ice? Or in the immortal words of Sir Drake, "What if Chris Chelios played for the Pens and threw an octopus on the ice to get the home team a delay of game penalty?"
  11. bruisebrother15

    Pens Boards, (merged)

    Sorry but both Penguins goals were ugly. You actually need a lot of talent to play the Wings system. Puck possession takes a lot of skill to pull off. That's why no one in the league can do it like we do. Most teams just end up trapping to try and compete with Detroit's system. Plus, the Penguins D interferes every chance they get too. It's just hard to see with Black and Gold glasses.