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  1. arag

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Vegas felt very bad for the Red Wings. They fired Gallant so Yzerman can bring him to Detroit. Now go get him !
  2. This team is becoming an embarrassment to NHL and game of hockey. Very sad
  3. Don’t let this be a shootout. Go Wings!
  4. arag

    Rumors Thread More on Howard
  5. arag

    World Juniors

    Mo is pretty good. Stutzle look pretty good also. Germans are getting better and better in hockey. Few years from now they might be the team to beat in international tournaments.
  6. Go Wings !!! Blashill is the priest
  7. I want a win at MSG and VS NBC! Go Wings !!!
  8. One of the worst games wings played
  9. Seider seems like a smart kid with all the tools. He will learn and get better. The problem is who is he going to learn from. Unfortunately it’s Daley for now.