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  1. arag

    2020 Offseason

    The real reason Yzerman acquired Staal. To do just that.
  2. arag

    Visiting Fan

    I just wanted to thank you all for your recommendations and wish you all to be safe and healthy during these crazy times. My visit to Detroit was a blast! Love the city, people and of course the Red Wings! So much culture, history and proud residents in this iconic city. I wish you all well and Go Red Wings!!!
  3. Or this one Avs Jersey on every commercial is highly annoying
  4. Paesanos have good chemistry !
  5. arag

    Visiting Fan

    This used to be Detroit athletic co if Iam not wrong. Got few things before online. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks !
  6. arag

    Visiting Fan

    Isn’t Meijer a supermarket?
  7. arag

    Visiting Fan

    Hi Hi Detroit! What is a good place to shop for some Detroit sports stuff?
  8. Excited to be at the game tonight! First time in Detroit and LCA. Winning this one will be very nice. Go Wings!!!
  9. AA gets injured rather frequently. I have watched him closely while he was a Red Wing and also his second game for Oilers. Did not see what happened to AA. He gets these mysterious injuries often. I wonder how is he going to perform after receiving a long term contact. Just hoping those two second rounders turn out to be better than him.
  10. Pay him well and he will. Rebuilding team needs a good coach. Need to build right.
  11. $$$ Overpayments, bribes, promising the moon. Anything
  12. I hope hockey Gods are watching Wings games and reading this forum. This team needs Divine Intervention.
  13. Wings score two goals ? That sounds awesome. I would love to see that game!
  14. I don’t think wings are that bad. They are just a little confused. Playing on the wrong side of the game. They need to be reoriented, aka need for an NHL coach. Hopefully next season.