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  1. Hatcher#2

    Luke Schenn`s dangerous hit on Justin Abdelkader

    This is another situation that disgusts me with this team that Holland has assembled. Not even a scrum after a dirty hit like this, your team mate is on he ice potenially injured from a check from behind against one of the dirtier teams in the league and they all either are too scared to answer the bell or they just dont give a s***. Makes me sick. I just cant understand how Holland & Co can sit by and watch this crap and think it is alright. Come on man, get a grip and toughen this roster up. Im not asking for a 2 min a night goon, just get me someone with a pulse or atleast get Tootoo up and loosen the leash.
  2. Hatcher#2

    Datsyuk concussion: To Return Tuesday

    WTF is wrong with this team??? Their top player and arguably the best in the world gets elbowed in the head and not one sorry ass player does anything about it. I don't care if there is a suspension or not what i want to see is the team stand up for themselves and one another at the point when the incident happens, there is something fundamentally wrong with this team and their principles. Illitch should just relocate them to Sweden and let them play over there and Holland will be the happiest man alive. Im sorry to derail the thread but it infuriates me to watch this team and their complete lack of heart and toughness.
  3. Hatcher#2

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    Im sorry but it doesn't take a genius to know that the head is one of the most important/fragile parts of the anatomy and therefore you should try to avoid putting yourself in situations where you could get hurt. If they don't know this then that proves to me that its not the fighting that causes the issues but that they already have issues before embarking on their career.
  4. Hatcher#2

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    So your saying that these guys didn't know the risks of getting punched in the head multiple times??? They know the risks.
  5. Hatcher#2

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    That could be it, however that was the role those guys chose to play and they had a choice wither to play that way or not. That argument is speculative as for every guy that had issues there are guys who don't for instance 3 of the toughest ever in kocur, Grimson and Domi for instance one went on to be assistant coach of the Redwings, Grimson is now a lawyer and Domi is a very successful business man. I think it comes down to the choices of the individual and not necessarily the role they played but i can see arguments both ways.
  6. Hatcher#2

    Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    I love everything that Stevie Y has done for the Redwings and as a player and i respect the hell out of him but in this instance he needs to shut up and focus on trying to build a good hockey team instead of trying to fix something that doesn't need fixed. These guys are grown men playing the game they love and getting paid a LOT of money for it, they know the risks involved. Hitting causes more injuries, slap shots cause more injuries, why stop at fighting lets just ban the whole game if injuries and safety is the issue. What makes this worse for me is that he played his whole career on a team that carried some of the toughest SOB's to ever lace them up who night in and night out put there ass on the line to protect him. Complete disrespect to those guys. RIP Probie. Leave the game alone you sissies.
  7. Hatcher#2

    Which UFA would help the Wings the most?

    Clarkson is my clear number 1. I have wanted Horton for a while too although im a bit concerned about his injury history now.
  8. I hope to god Tootoo is put back into the line up. He is the one guy that will have the Hawks off their game when he is constantly hitting them. They are a far superior team on paper to the wings so we need to get them distracted and looking over their shoulders at every turn. Let him loose on their d.
  9. Hatcher#2

    LGW Contest!

  10. Hatcher#2

    Marek Tvrdon

    Out of all of this years draft picks he seems to be getting the least attention, possibly due to his injury last year and only playing 10 games he seems to be somewhat unknown. He is off to a decent start again this year with with 8 points in 11 games and he is huge being listed at 6' 2 and 217 pounds. Has anyone seen him play and can let us know the type of game he plays. All I have been able to find is that he skates extremely well for a big guy. What I would like to know is does he use his size, is he physical at all.
  11. Hatcher#2

    10/14 GDT: Toronto @ Grand Rapids

    Im going with a draw on this one, the uppercut by finger missed and clipped his helmet, nothing landed by either. He seemed a little bit more settled in this one though, wasn't throwing for the KO, he'll get better with every fight as he gets used to GR. Thanks again rw19.
  12. Hatcher#2

    10/8 GDT: Grand Rapids @ Rockford

    Thanks, I've been looking for a clip or review since it happened. He did well in his first pro fight, Shaw is a tough kid. It's nice to see he has gained some size aswell, now up to 6'0 190 pounds.
  13. Hatcher#2

    Ole-Kristian Tollefsen

    Does anyone think that the Wings will offer this guy a contract this season. I know he is a restricted free agent for the Wings and they did make him a qualifying offer before he went to play last season for Modo in the SEL, so they must be atleast somewhat interested. Tough guy who hits like a truck and is only 27, could be a cheap decent option for the bottom pairing. Any thoughts?
  14. Hatcher#2

    Bettman 5 step plan

    Cheap shots will always be there, thats apart of hockey but some players are able to get away with it now where before they wouldn't have. I completely agree with the second part, concussions have always been apart of hockey and any major pro sport in fact. Players nowadays as well are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before and even a clip to the head nowadays can cause a concussion.
  15. Hatcher#2

    Gustav Nyquist

    I would like to see him turn pro now as well and i think he is ready for the next step. I like what Nill said as well in another article about him. "If you're four years away from having a chance to making the NHL, stay in college," Nill said. "If you're close, it's time to move on." Sign the deal Gustav, get to that next level.