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  1. A pp would be nice, the wild have been getting away with some clutching and grabbing.
  2. That's the 3rd time a wings defenseman has gotten turned around on a pass up the middle.
  3. Should have been ejected
  4. Thanks Nyquist you idiot
  5. "What we have planned is big! (For us)" Like we should be honored it will be the biggest little ceasars logo in the world.
  6. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wouldn't a regular roof make much more sense as a placeholder? It feels like a bait and switch to the city of Detroit. The way that press conference went, it came across like they never had any intentions of building the LED roof.
  7. I'm more pissed about the giant little ceasars logo that will be on the roof. I get corporate naming, but this thing is just going to be a giant billboard. To come out and say the LED roof was just a placeholder, and was only for renderings is a joke. What else in those renderings will not be built?
  8. Their PP was so bad, from the outside looking in, it didn't look like they practiced it at all. Stagnant telegraphed passes, players without the puck standing still, just down right boring. Datsyuk wouldn't have had to worry about hitting the post if he would have one timed it.
  9. We say this every year then the wings end up signing or re-signing some washed up over the hill veteran.
  10. Blashill was so worried the young guys would cost him the series, the vets did. Coaching not to lose is not the right mentality in the playoffs.
  11. GDT

    You know what would be nice a 6'5" guy that can screen Bishop....
  12. GDT

    I think they have had 2 5 on 3s hahaEdit: if you meant in the series
  13. gdt

    Bring up Mantha! The PP has been a ghost since he was sent down. It can't hurt to have a 6'5" guy screening Bishop. Nothing to lose, if nothing changes it tells me they still think they can win this series as is
  14. GDT

    Of course a soft penalty call decides a game with 5 minutes left. E didn't even extend his arms
  15. GDT

    Bishop flopped or Bishop sucks?