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  1. I hope he doesnt score and trains his ass off in the offseason and becomes a powerforward.
  2. I watched the game til wakling dead came on. Somethings take priority over wings when were not even in the hunt.
  3. took alot of willpower to sit through this one.
  4. LGRW Give Marchand the ole face wash for me
  5. If only nyquist could play that eager all the time, he must be still jealous babcock left him for Toronto.
  6. Power play coach is pretty overrated, i cant see the difference from the last few we've had.
  7. id like another look at Eric Tangradi, big body powerforward
  8. sheahan 2nd line blehhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. ya well the charizard helps you win the tournament
  10. We got hosed in this trade, it was like trading a charizard card for 2 pikachus.
  11. TBH i wasnt to high on Shattenkirk coming here anyways.
  12. #mnwild has traded Teemu Pulkkinen to #coyotes for future considerations.
  13. Sheahan for a first? sold. I'm pretty sure he will bounce back however theirs a chance he doesn't. they always talk about his size but he doesn't use it, plays like a small guy.
  14. After acquiring defenseman Ron Hainsey from the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday, Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford said he'd like to add another defenseman and will make a decision on that "in the next 24 hours." So smith could still be in the mix.