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  1. i want hague to
  2. so basically from what i can tell Rasmussen hes net front presence, he picks up alot of slop off goaltenders which is something we needed. but idk bout at #9 pick
  3. i need a break from this s*** show
  4. lol happened
  5. riot in the D gogogo
  6. he coulda traded back and gotten him!
  7. whaaat
  8. Vilardi make it happen kenny
  9. I like AA to much as a fan i would hate to see him moved, he was one of the bright spots in this team. Exciting hockey when the pucks on his stick and hes flying. I liked that vanek nielson AA line alot.
  10. ya that vegas jersey is fugly
  11. sumo goaltender plz
  12. really suprized they protected abdelkader and howard
  13. get tavares and reunite him with his besty nielson