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  1. Wingnut1989

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    Wings seem to like their captains to be composed, i think thats why he dont have the C yet.
  2. damn was fabreeze was gonna get a hatty tonight haha, good game tho
  3. Wingnut1989

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    Still waiting for Yzerman to clear house like Shanny did in Toronto. So much dead weight and its really visible this season compared to last season. Not really sure what changed but no one outside the top line is doing anything this season.
  4. Wingnut1989

    What's worse than this team?

    final season of game of thrones
  5. this season is boring, need more kids less washed up guys
  6. We've been due to move up, i was seriously thinkin this was our year, o well
  7. less then 10 i believe or they have to protect him in the expansion draft i think not sure on that
  8. Bowey looked better this game no doubt, Zadina finally got his goal! to bad it wasnt against MTL though!
  9. Wingnut1989

    2019 Trade Deadline

    vanek aint goin anywhere