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  1. Superman54

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    This is where we must hope on Kenny and Co. to the job that’s given and knock this pick outta the park.
  2. Superman54

    1 Spot open for LGW Fantasy Hockey KEEPER League!

    Is there a buy in fee, if so how much?
  3. Superman54


  4. People said that about the Hawks after their first cup. Remember big bad Dustin?
  5. Superman54

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Keeping nyquist over tatar would be the wrong choice, unless the opposing team prefers Thomas. For some reason though I think Holland rates nyquist higher, even though he plays softer.
  6. Superman54

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Vanek - Larkin - Abs Z - Neilson - Tatar Nyquist - Helm - Sheahan AA - Glendening - Ott Miller/Juro/Pulk Obviously way to much going on here. First off AA shouldn't be playing on the fourth line but you cant have anyone on the third line swap positions because their salary would say too much for 4th line minutes, that's dilemma one. Dilemma 2 is the problem with lack of youth, you say we wanna convert into a more youthful line up but having AA and/or Mantha playing on the bottom 6 probably doesn't fair well for them all together and theres simply no room for Mantha anyway, and AA for that matter. Dilemma 3 is the fact your continously sitting the likes of Jurco and Pulks which won't increase their trade value or production in their development in anyway. Now as much as this is irelevent and completely just a hunch I have a funny feeling that Larkin and Vanek are going to draw a special connection. I can only hope for the teams sake but I hope they have a chance at some point to build some chemistry, and that's why I have them slotted together. Nielson and Z together though don't give me much to smile about and honestly at the rate Z falls half way through the season I'd personally have him play on the 3rd line. Again though waaaay too much going on even if ya want to try and establish competition. I hear that excuse every year and I really haven't seen it pan out that often, at least to my knowledge. I also remember Blash and Kenny stating how the players need to know and WANT to know what exactly their role is on this team, all I see here are more question marks.... the only stiring the pot kenny claimed to do is the same stir I've seen the last 5 years, signing vets in hope for a different result, and the same taste is getting old. Trades are evident, unless maybe your the current GM...
  7. Superman54

    Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    I like Helm but ever since his leg got screwed he doesn't be the tenacious f**k I loved. In any case what's all that changes are coming bullcrap. We replaced Dat's with a worse veteran (no offense Neilson but your no magic man) the only change has been for worse Gotta wait all summer to hope for a good trade
  8. Superman54

    Other than Stamkos, which FA forward do you want?

    Sign Martin....let Helm walk (hurts me) for Duchene (overpay but change is needed, and so is a center) and I'll be OK. The defense is another issue entirely but I feel a young franchise center is top priority Larkin can be that but help is always welcomed.
  9. Superman54

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Duchene would look beautiful in a red and white sweater, just saying. Id give up the first round pick to do so too
  10. Superman54

    Hall for Larsson - Oilers and Devils swap players

    Edmonton did not win this deal, they lost this deal considerably. The fact that Hall is 3rd (points per game) 5 on 5 playing with that dreadful oilers team the last 4 years is almost incredible. Ridiculous to consider Oilers winners if your statically speaking right now amongst rating hall as a forward and Larsson on defense. Yes defensemen take longer to develop but all signs are pointing that Larsson will not be in the elite level that Hall has already proven to be.
  11. Superman54

    Stamkos to... Tampa

    Didn't Holland make a quote not so long ago that free agency was not the way to go anymore in this cap era. Teams trade as was evident today, and they don't hold any player like glue considering Subban was just dealt. Norris trophy winner's can be traded but when it comes to Detroit it seems like everyone is untouchable with Holland, and when he finally does have a redwing on the trade block their value has decreased, most often greatly. How many times do I have to preach Duchene yet I hear nothing of trade rumours involving a still high potential center. Would we have to overpay,maybe but I think the players like nyquist, tatar, etc are expandable, and I truly don't think the price is a Larkin either. I know this isn't chel 16 but his quote about not falling on free agency for help and then reversing it with "we gonna spend money" isn't all that comforting. I'm sure Kenny spent all his will to try and have a conversation with Stamkos and then try to sway him to the red and white. I truly believe though for Steve, it was a Tampa or Toronto scenerio all along.
  12. Superman54

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    LGW fanatics must realize that aquiring Stamkos would be hitting the jackpot and should not expect the winning ticket. He is a Toronto native and I truly believe the only reason he'd leave Tampa is the fact like Babcock, the glory of leading the TML to the promised land is too tempting. I am looking at more of the Okposo or Erickson type deals if the price is right and trading for a player like Duchene to fill the center role. I would love Mat on this team and have expressed that enough but in any case I would be very pessimistic to see Stamkos in the red and white. But I've been on this forum long enough to know the uproar we will see on here when he likely doesn't sign with us. I mean do your really think he would leave Yzerman to go play for the team that Yzerman never left as a player and is beloved here, who served as the Captain for this franchise for almost his entire's a long shot.
  13. Superman54

    Lesser FA players.

    The problem with the Redwing's is they truly lack scoring and that's a big issue. Losing Datsyuk is a big whole and when your leading player in points last season is a declining Henrik with just over 50 it's not looking great. Young players are coming and the development process is there and evident but you gotta score to win in this league, our defense is not elite enough to break even on our lack of producing. Martin would be fantastic, but would fit in a lot better when there's a solid depth of scoring and he can chip in those 10+ goals when times get cold. The biggest need this off season is evident, scoring, scoring, and scoring (and if luck had it, aquiring a top 2 defenseman). Depth is on the back burner until we solve the bigger issues.
  14. Superman54

    Fixing this mess....

    IMO if your not signing Stamkos then your probably not landing a #1 center anytime soon. This offseason in a big way will make it or break it for Holland. There have many many reports abouy how many younger top talented players you could see be available. Something this forum hasn't seem to mention all too often. Duchene should be the ultimate target and not try a bidding sweepstakes on Stamkos. This will be a very interesting off season with so many rumored players available via trade. But you have to trade Pavels contract to make anything happen first. If you can get a player like Duchene and give Larkin a center position next year you have a future star core right there, and zdawg can play on the 3rd line from then on. Ideal world really... Defense is a whole different story though
  15. Superman54

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    I should have worded it better but what I meant I've heard more great things about tyler then not so I would be estastic to see him dressed in the bear future