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    That stuff is so damn good and even better, it's cheap. I would say hands down the best barrel aged stout for the price.
  3. wingfan13

    2/21 GDT : Red Wings at New York Rangers, 7:00 EST

    Referees no longer make calls on the infractions they see. They make calls after seeing the reaction from the player that drew the call. That was a bad call.
  4. wingfan13

    2/18 GDT : Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins, 7:00 EST

    I said the same thing. He can't be doing that.
  5. wingfan13

    12/3 GDT : Arizona Coyotes at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    Best Wings fight in over 8 years ?
  6. wingfan13

    Kane case headed to grand jury

    It was delivered to her front door. The way I look at it is that someone has a conscious and knows it was tampered with. Delivering it to her door is someones way of telling them that.
  7. wingfan13

    Retire Sergei Fedorov’s Jersey Immediately

    I was a Wing fan during that time and actually friends with people in and around the team. I think this was probably written by some sports writer as an assumption and people went with it. I just wonder how that would have started because it isnt like he would come out and say "Yeah, I am tired of living in Steve Yzermans shadow" or anything similar.
  8. wingfan13

    Retire Sergei Fedorov’s Jersey Immediately

    I am not sure where this rumor started. I hear this from a lot of Wings fans and I am not sure I have ever heard anything to back that up.
  9. I agree they did. That's my point.
  10. How far did you think THIS team would go ? I'm not sure you are being realistic if you expected much. Look at our roster, it isn't that impressive.
  11. Because our team, who nobody picked to win took one of the best teams in the league to 7 games.
  12. Shooting right at the chest.
  13. wingfan13

    ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

    Best save ever ? Holy
  14. I was going to ask the same thing.