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Picture Wars

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Okay, this is an easy and fun game that I stole from another forum. I'll post a picture of something, and the next poster will try to post a picture of something that can beat the picture I posted. I'll do an example set so you can see what I mean.


A picture of a deer. What can beat a deer? How about this?


A hunter with a gun. Simple right?

Now the next poster post something that can beat the hunter, and so on down the line. Have fun!

EDIT (THREE YEARS LATER) - I edited in new pictures so they show since someone brought this back from the dead :blink:

Edited by wingsgirl001

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Heh... That's a tough one... IF anything can beat Yoda, it'd be this...

user posted image

If not... This is the only other thing... (representing being over 900 years old...)

user posted image

Take your pick which one to reply to...

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