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How is your friend doing? I havent asked you in awhile.

She is doing really well. She had a doctors appointment yesterday. She can FINALLY take off her hard collar and start moving her head around. She is to slowly get herself out of the soft collar they gave her. You know, judging when she needs to wear it and when she doesn't. She can start driving once she can check her blind spots. So all in all she's doing well. It was SO scary when she moved her head the first time. I was so afraid that it was going to pop off and roll across the room. I made her move it a bunch when we were still at the hospital (that is where the dr. office was) just in case it fell off. But all in all she is doing well. The doctor said that he is not worried about her healing. I'm finally I think getting calmer about it. I'm not as freaked out anymore. I think. That doesn't mean i won't tomorrow. :D

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