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2nd from right. At least two years old, but I look the same. Revel in my ugliness.

Oh, at least two years old. I'd say you're more like 20 or thereabouts.

Ugly, my foot. You're a babe if there ever was one.

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I meant the picture was two years old, but thanks for the kind words.

Now who paid you to say that?????????????

I know what you meant. I just had to give you a hard time.

As for who paid me... I'm sure you'll earn it in GDTland this season. ;)

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Continuing on the trend of wedding photos, here are some of mine from my October 24th wedding!

Hey, the pictures are huge! But that's ok. Here's my dad walking me down the aisle (the wedding was in Hawaii)


You have no idea how awkward these staged photos are until you've done them. "Act naturally, but also look at me over your shoulder like I've just caught you contemplating life."


We're married!


The staged photos with my husband were less awkward, because he can always make me laugh.


Yep, wedding cake. Yep, I married a Blackhawks fan (to be fair, he's a whatever Marian Hossa is right now fan, because he's from Slovakia)


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Actually, that's from a popular vacation spot in Orlando based on a talking mouse.

Oh, my! You went to 6 Flags?!?!?


Hope you had fun at Disney. Some of my cousins take their kids there regularly.

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