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3/2 GDT: Blackhawks @ Red Wings

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I believe that is the best photo of the night, even better than any of Lebda completely crushing that Blackhawk before Motty Lapointe took issue with the clean check.

I also highly appreciate the attentiveness of each face in the background to what's happening. The guy on the left is in silent fixed rapture, the middle man is shocked and awed, the third is in a state of peaceful contemplation. While the ladies - in particular the bottom granny - really seems to be saying, "I understand your pain. You know, I do. I once had that happen to me in the fifties with a hat and boy did it piss me off too."

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Post-game thoughts...

Overall, a good win by a short-handed team in a game expected to be sloppy. Unfortunately Chicago didn't put up much of a fighting chance, I thought they'd be better, so as long as the Wings didn't just completely self-destruct, the game was all but over after 4-0.

Kudos to Williams getting his first 2 goals as a Hawk and against is former team. You could tell that made him happy. They'll regret keeping him on the point on the power play in time though. :lol:

As much as I love how Schneider contributes on the offensive side of things, if he didn't have the capabilities to put up points on the PP, I'd consider greatly reducing his time cause he is captain turnover when you don't expect it. I take the good and the bad with him, but the good (PP, points) usually outweighs his brainfarts so.....

Kudos to Lang getting back on track, at least for now. He's looked better the past few games and finally got rewarded. Whoever he plays with when the team gets healthy again, he needs to create plays.

Kudos to E.T. for having a solid game also without Zetterberg in the lineup, he was still making plays and being a threat.

And poo on the refs for waving off Ellis' first goal. That 4th line was very good last night, good to know we'll have people in reserve that should bust their tails off when everybody gets healthy.

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click on the Frozen Moment header and check out the fan reactions

Bobbert Lang was NHL.com's third star yesterday. :clap:

There are some pretty hilarious ladies in that crowd... I hope I don't look like that when hits happen! I wish I could see the lady in the top middle, you can just tell that her face was most likely classic freaked out - you can see her hands up by her face and the boittom half of her mouth... haha. But face of the night goes to the lady on the right with her mouth agape.... Come to games much ladies?

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