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Pens fan here...first post. NO SMACK!

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The real irony is the Sens, Rangers, and Flyers ALL whined and complained about the Pens not getting called for penalties - and the bad reffing in favor of the Pens. Now that the Pens are in the exact same situation - it's like they stole the playbooks for those teams - and are now the whiners and cryers themselves.

And if they don't like it now, wait to see how it feels when you have goals taken away from you by the refs (well one guy really).

Officiating is a 2-way street I think. We've definitely got hosed by phantom intereference calls that should've been goals, but calls have certainly gone our way as well (i.e. Holmstrom's PP goal in game 1 Dallas which could've easily been another interference, Zetterberg's 1st goal against Nashville after he could've been called for tripping).

Point being in the grand scheme of things complaining about refereeing as a major reason you lost is a moot point more often than not and a bad excuse because both teams are going to have both good calls for them and bad calls against them in the course of a game. Like the players, the referees aren't perfect and are doing the best they can but will make some mistakes as well.

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