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2009 Detroit Tigers Season Thread

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Porcello and Perry make the big league roster. Verlander, Jackson, Miner, Galarraga, and Porcello are the rotation for now until Bondo comes back. Bonine, Lyon, Perry, Rincon, Robertson, Rodney, and Seay are in the pen. Thats what is going to be the opening day pitching situation.

Clevlen is being shopped around, Hessman was put on waivers, Larish is likely to be the last man on the 25-man roster.

So here it is, the opening day roster.

Granderson CF

Polanco 2b

Ordonez RF

Thames DH/LF

Cabrera 1B

Guillen DH/LF

Everett SS

Inge 3B

Laird C

Anderson OF

Santiago IF

Larish IF/OF

Treanor C
















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Opening Day tomorrow!!

And here's what I like best: Normally, the Tigers play a game, then the next day there's a day off right away. Ugh. Not this year though.

Here's the lineup:

CF Curtis Granderson

2B Placido Polanco

RF Magglio Ordoñez

1B Miguel Cabrera

DH Carlos Guillen

C Gerald Laird

3B Brandon Inge

SS Adam Everett

LF Josh Anderson

P Justin Verlander

No shockers, although I'm honestly very worried about this lineup. Having to bat Gerald Laird sixth does not inspire my confidence. I'd bump Inge up a spot - there's a clear correlation between his batting average and how much catcher he plays. Now that he's not catching, I think we'll see something much closer to the '04-'06 Inge than last year's version. And I think we'll see Guillen returning to shortstop quite a bit this year to make room for Thames' bat. Even Guillen worries me though - he's quite obviously on the decline.

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I don't think Guillen will play much SS. We have Everett and Santiago who will take the load at SS. Guillen/Thames/Anderson will platoon in LF with Thames and Guillen taking the DH whenever the other is in the field. Anderson I don't think will get many starts with Guillen and Thames bats. They are just too good to take the bat out of their hands on any consistent basis.

heres a link to supplement my post:


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Jays lineup tonight...

1. Scutaro - SS

2. Hill - 2B

3. Rios - RF

4. Wells - CF

5. Lind - LF

6. Rolen - 3B

7. Overbay - 1B

8. Barajas - C

9. Snider - DH

SP - Doc Halladay


McDonald - SS/3B/OF

Millar - 1B/DH

Barrett - C

Bautista - 3B/1B

Remaining rotation:













15-day DL:

Casey Janssen

60-day DL:

Shaun Marcum

Dustin McGowan

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On ESPN they were previewing the Tigers and they said Zumaya was at 80% but he was throwing the ball at 98mph. No telling if any of those pitches are hitting the strike zone, but that sounds pretty promising. One of the insiders was also saying that Leyland feels a lot better about this year's team than last season's, and if the Tigers don't get off to a good start, Leyland could be fired.

i saw that as well, and the FSN season preview... both agreed on the same points. leyland will be safe only after the tigers get off to a respectable start. i favor the moves made thus far and look forward to zumaya returning at 100% soon.

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Opening Day! :yahoo:

I don't expect these Tigers to be any better than a .500 team, but having baseball back is always exciting. Maybe lower expectations will lead to some surprises for the Tigers. I just can't see how a team with so many questions mark on the pitching staff can seriously contend. Unless Verlander and Bonderman pitch like 2006, someone takes over the closer's role and Porcello/Perry become Verlander/Zumaya, the Tigers are going to struggle. One of the few bright spots might be Cabrera. I think he'll win the AL MVP this season.

Go Tigers!

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:yahoo::w00t2::bounce::clap: :banana: :punk: :colorbounce: :beerbuddy: TIGERS!!!!!!!!! I am so stoked for this year. Baseball and hockey are basically 50-50 for me, so this is just as exciting as opening day for the wings! Yeah Buddy!

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