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Guest Howard He Do It?!

Wings To Make Another Move This Week?

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I say were getting Lubomir Visnovsky! He'd fit in nicely and hasn't produced to their expectations as he did in LA.

Pray tell, with what cap space? Lubo is 5.6 worth of salary; considering part of this trade involves freeing up cap space for Lilja, that means you'd be sending out 6+ mil in cap space to the Oils. Not one of Cleary, Stuart, Rafalski, or any sane person would waive their NTC to go to the Oils. That means you'd have to trade these TWO to do such:




Kronwall or Flip




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I like some of the names that are being thrown around here in this topic, but I think most of them are free-agency moves, not trade deadline or Olympic break/trade-freeze panic day. We're stuck at this point. Without moving one of our big names or key role-players, because of cap-space issues we can't be making additional trades.

So let's say we're moving Lebda for a pick, and waiving May to bring up Lilja. (is this even enough space? probably not.)

So, sure. Williams could be moved in a trade, but he's been looking alright since coming back from injury, no?

Who really wants him and his expiring contract? Who wants to help us out?

Only those who are not making the playoffs and looking to dump salary at this point?

Atlanta. Carolina. Florida. St Louis. Colombus. Edmonton??

Also realize that it's going to take at least Williams and Meech, or Williams, Meech, and a pick to make a move.

(I actually think it'd take Williams and Lebda because of cap-space. ...but hypothetically let's say it's Williams and Meech)

Looking at those teams:

Atlanta: Get off the idea of Afinogenov. ATL isn't going to take Williams for Afinogenov... Maxim makes less. The only reason they'd trade him is because they don't think they can re-sign him in the offseason. Which I think with a modest salary bump – they can, and will.

There's no one else on that team that they're willing to part with that I'd want at this point.

Carolina is going to get much better offers for the players that they want to move and that we'd want to have that we can't afford anyway.

Colombus. Yeah... slim pickins there. Torres is out of our price range.

Edmonton does not have anyone that I would want to take on at this point, with the exception of maybe Moreau or Comrie.

I tend to think that Williams is probably a better fit for us than either of these guys anyway.

Florida. Matthias? :ph34r: I joke, I joke.

St. Louis: nah. They're said to be willing/looking to move Tkachuk, Kariya, and Colaiacovo.

(can't afford. can't afford. defenseman that we dont' need.)

Wow. That was a lot of blabbing for this:

If I'm Holland: Today, I'm getting us cap compliant. That's it. Waive May. Trade Meech and/or Lebda for picks.


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Don't know if this is possible or would work cap wise but...

What if we get rid of Maltby, and waive May(Bring up alligator to have enough forwards)....Then we have lebda and meech incase something happens with our D and can move them before the trade deadline if need be

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02/12/10 at 11:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

via Bob McKenzie Twitter,

Det expected to waive Brad May today and put a player on LTI to make room for Lilja.

Just beat me to it... who the heck are they gonna' put on long term IR?

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As was stated in the other thread (which is starting to overlap this one) - Kronwall is the likely candidate.

That's what I was thinking.

How does that work with the Olympic break coming up? Will he be able to suit back up immediately if able?

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