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10 Favourite Red Wings

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1. Yzerman

2. Shanahan

3. Zetterberg

4. Lidstrom

5. Datsyuk

6. McCarty

7. Fedorov

8. Kronwall

9. Konstantinov

10. Helm

For a good number of years, #91 was at the top slot but gradually worked his way down. Can't deny those years watching him as a kid and loving it.

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1. Steve Yzerman (My son's middle name is Yzerman)

2. Henrik Zetterberg (Next great Wings captain)

3. Nicklas Lidstrom (the ultimate good guy)

4. Chris Osgood

5. Sergei Fedorov (When he wanted to win, he was unstoppable)

6. Brendan Shanahan

7. Curtis Joseph (Never got a fair chance in Detroit)

8. Paul Coffey (Took his defensive game to a new level with the Wings)

9. Luc Robitalle

10. Marian Hossa (Yeah I know, but if the Wings win Game 7, I would have gotten a Hossa jersey with the Stanley Cup patch to wear around Pittsburgh)

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You would have hated Primeau when he was with the Wings -- absolutely infuriating. Think Lang, only more whiny.

He didn't start playing to his potential until with Phily.


Primeau wanted to play center, but not the 3rd line (mind you we had Stevie, and Sergei)...Then he didn't like the idea of playing wing on the 2nd line...Off to Hartford he went :lol:

Both of these. Primeau is/was a s***head. Also, my aforementioned love for Paul Coffey as a youngster made me hate Primeau that much more. In my eyes, it was always Primeau's fault that Coffey went with him.

We did get Shanny out of the deal, though, so we can thank Primeau for that.

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1- Yzerman

2- Zetterberg

3- Fedorov

4- Hudler (yes seriously)

5- Datsyuk

6- Ranford (still my favorite goalie all time from any team even if he sucked here)

7- Kozlov

8- Carson

9- Filppula


Lots of other guys too that should be like 1a, 2a, 3a etc, like Shanny, lidstrom, Fisher,Hull,

Not too many I didn't really like in the winged wheel..Lang, Clark,Hatcher

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I'm dating myself but here goes:

1. Federov

2. Datsyuk

3. Yzerman

4. Lidstrom

5. Delvecchio

6. Mahavolich

7. Unger

8. Berenson

9. Shanahan

10. Howe

Some of these guys played when I was like 10 years old - but that is the age of heroes is it not?

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