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History will be made commercial

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Thanks, I wish I had the angles they had, but it will do. I just didn't care for the caption on theirs, it seems like they are getting away from the original concept with that and Messiers ad.

I'm glad you liked it, I don't know how many people edit video, but it takes some time to do all the tweaks, especially the way they are doing it in their ads with the change of speed and lining up the frames going from one angle to the next like I did in the Datsyuk goal in the winter classic. I also had to find a plugin to get the aged film look like they have.

do you have a link to that? that sounds like an awesome video that I would like to view :)

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the commercial was good until Stevie Y line. sounds awkward

Yeah, I like it better as "Stevie" I don't know many people who call him "Stevie Y" outside of on the internet. I don't really mind that they put that in there 'cause it kinda shows how you can relate to him and he's the kinda guy you could have a beer with or something and call him "Stevie". I get chills when I see the commercial, but then I think "Well, we lost to Colorado". It could have been better if they put a Stevie moment from when we won the Cup. I still like it though. And some of these fan made ones are amazing!!!

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