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10/16 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Coyotes 1 (OT)

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Does anyone have a DVR? I'm pretty sure Ken Daniels referring to the Wings as the "Nigs." I'm not trying to antagonize anyone or anything, I'm legitimately curious.

The line went something like this:

"Tonight at Jobing, the Nigs.....Wings play the Coyotes!"

I don't have a DVR so I can't check, but this happened around 9PM EDT during the introduction of the game. This is the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast.

Once again, I'm not trying to troll or anything. I'm 97% sure he said that.

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NHL.com has free accounts for their Gamecenter stream until Oct 24, just sign up there until the 24th and use their stream they are great. Right when you go to the site, the main ad preview will say something about it, just register then activate and you can watch it.

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Ahhh just got back. I hope the Wings have a nice game after the previous 2 losses. Let's show them Yotes why we beat em in the playoffs :P

Also since it's still 0-0;

Red Wings 4 (Datsyuk, Bertuzzi, Lidstrom, Filppula)

Coyotes 2


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