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Photoshop Wait(?): Biding time for Round 2

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Since we're likely to have an extended break between rounds, I figured we could have a Photoshop thread directed at how the Red Wings may spend their time during the lull before the Conference Semifinals. Of course, you're not limited to just that topic -- something amusing works just as well (like something regarding the other ongoing series).

Have at it!

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I'd start prepping the Sharks.. barring epic LA-type collapse.

Why not have some photoshop fun with all the potential opponents until we know for sure who the next one is?

It could be fun to joke around with a bunch of different teams/cultures. Plus, with Wings fans all over the country I'm sure we got some creative minds in LA, San Jose, Nashville, Anaheim, etc. who can chime in on the different kinds of inside jokes they got going on over there that we can mock a little bit.

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