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600 Posts for a Sharks Game 6 Win

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We're 2-for-2 with these ... let's keep the mojo going.


The first thread got me (i didn't read the title) and I couldn't figure out why no one was posting. The second one bugged me because even if "reverse mojo" was working, I still felt dirty and traitorous posting in a thread with such a title. I still posted a pic of girls drinking beer. I'm now on board.


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I have never seen a team play with so much honor and dignity. I really hope they do NOT let the Wings score early. I hope they do NOT blow any leads. I hope they do NOT get discouraged. And I hope that the crowd at the Joe is NOT rocking so loud that their eardrums bleed.

Oh, and I hope this series does NOT go back to San Jose. Marleau with the hatty, Thornton with a million assists, Clowe and Boyle with 1 each, and Neimi with the SHUT OUT.

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