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  1. Tomorrow we'll have no goalie for the future... F......!!!!!
  2. Well, the absence of trades like this is a problem with Holland. Beaulieu and players like him won't save us immediately but he would have been huge upgrade over the likes of Oulette, Sproul, Jensen of whoever we going to play in top 4 this season. And we have like zillion 3rd round picks this year. Multiple trades like this may make a team gradually better.... we are instead looking/waiting for some magic, where someone is going to give us franchise D for nothing.
  3. This. And I honestly have no issues with them winning it two times in a row. They are, in fact, the best team right now and they also proving (similarly to the Red Wings back in 08 and 09) that having two elite and matured centers is enough to win the Cup. However, I still have mixed feelings about Pens winning in 09. They were definitely not ready but the NHL used all the tools they had to push them to the Cup. I still believe that 09 Pens is one of the most undeseving champs over 30 years I'm watching NHL. It all starts at 29.05.
  4. Can we get Evgeni's brother Andrei drafted next year? He is miles ahead of Evgeni in terms of talent and stated multiple times that he wants to play with his brother.
  5. Have you noticed their 1st D pairing? Werenski - Jones. Two top 2 D logging a lot of minutes. In my opinion, these two guys as well as Bobrovski are the reason they are playing so well,
  6. which speech?
  7. Ownership has nothing to do with the current situation. They provided Red Wings one of the highest payroll in the league, what else can they do? Inept management, basically, living from the past is what our real problem is.
  8. There is nothing unrealistic in getting a trade done around a good winger and some additional pieces for a good defenseman. Also, one can always slightly overpay for a free agent to fill the most critical need. However, this is not going to happen with KH.
  9. Well, it is kind of obvious that we are not going to get true #1 D in a trade, simple because we have no assets to trade for one... However, it does not mean we need to continue having Kronwall-Green as our first pairing, Try to land a Fowler type of defenseman in a trade for Tatar+ or Nyquist+. Try to sign Shattenkirk next summer. Keep Green and we are going to get something like Shattenkirk-Fowler Green - DeKeyser Sproul - Kronwall and this is much better than what we have now, a kind of D by committee (too offensive minded though). However, to do this you need a GM who is willing to work on the phone.
  10. What is not so hot about Datsyuk? Last time I checked he had 23 points in 24 games. This is your usual point-per-game first line center.
  11. We have two capable defensemen in DeKeyser and Green. And fans know we have a problem when Green is considered as a capable defensemen. Long season ahead.
  12. Well, people are speaking top pair defs here... We are not getting them without offering Larkin++. Over the last few years there were few good defenseman available and traded. Petry, Myers, Bogosian are better than anyone we have currently perhaps, except for probably Kronwall. Now Canucks might be shopping Tanev. Holland had all the chances in the world to improve on D. Now we have Green and Ericsson signed to ridiculous contracts. It seems the problem with Holland is that he believes that only one trade for top defenseman is needed. There is another way I believe. Why not to build three solid pairings instead of trying to go for top pairing guy. Even now it is not too late. Buy out Ericsson, trade Mantha+pick for Tanev or Edler, work out one more trade for deferenseman similar to Bogosian or Mayers offering Pulkkinen+Jurco+pick (add Sproul or Marchenko maybe). Is it that hard? Yes, it wouldn't be a top-5 defense in the NHL but at least we will improve in this aspect. I'm not saying he needs to do exactly these trades, these are just examples... Instead he stays pat doing nothing and complaining to media that no one wants to trade us a top pairing D.
  13. I would say he is already as important as Stamkos. The gap is only get wider in the coming years.
  14. Well, I guessed Pat. Just forgot that the HOF standard for coaches is way lower than for players.