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  1. Exactly my thoughts. But people here are too busy screaming that we at least got 4th round pick for someone who is going to leave anyway forrgetting what is the actual reasons for this mess.
  2. I'm 9yo doing my English homework here. The problem with Holland is that he has no ideas what he is doing. If Mrazek wasn't the goalie of his choice he should have traded him 2 years ago. Instead, he created a toxic conditions for him last year exposing him to expansion draft and openly trying to trade him. Now, the net result is no return for a goalie that still has much better potential than anyone we have in our pipeline. We basically need a goalie right now as Howard is going to play even worse having virtually no competition.
  3. Confused it with expansion draft which is basically the same thing as waivers. You definitely got my point but decided to pretend you had no ideas what I'm talking about
  4. Well, 4th round selection is nothing. Of course, Holland had no intentions qualifying him. That is called bad asset management.
  5. Another glory day for the brand new Red Wings! First treating Mrazek like s*** by exposing him to the waivers and then trading him for nothing while also retaining salary... And all these having no goalies in the pipeline. Well done!!! For the Flyers it has all the potential to be "reserve" Bob trade.
  6. 1/13 GDT - Red Wings @ Penguins - 1:00 PM EST

    Tried my best to watch... apparently, two minutes in the first were more than enough for me to turn it off. Red Wings need a new generation of fans who don't remember how good we were
  7. It is funny that some people here truly believe it is about sports
  8. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Ha! This stuff reminded me the gladiator introduction of Ottawa Senators back in 2011 or 2012 play-offs. There are good, ok, and bad intros. This one is in its own land...
  9. So far, Howard is playing the best hockey of his career. I personally didn't even think he could be that good.
  10. Pre-Season Games

    Tried to find highlights on but it seems those are unavailable for preseason games. Is this true?
  11. P.A. Parenateau PTO

    I have a feeling we'll sign one or both... Athanasiou will play in Russia while Svechnikov and Bertuzzin in GR. It is becoming more and more frustrating.
  12. Twilight years Zetterberg vs. Datsyuk

    I voted Datsyuk simply for how Red Wings started to look like once he departed. However, it is as close as one gets.
  13. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    the problem is that 40 years old Datsyuk is miles ahead of everyone except for Zetterberg on the Detroit roster. As a fan I don't like what Athanasiou is doing but I can understand him.
  14. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    Tomorrow we'll have no goalie for the future... F......!!!!!
  15. Sabres acquire Beaulieu for pick

    Well, the absence of trades like this is a problem with Holland. Beaulieu and players like him won't save us immediately but he would have been huge upgrade over the likes of Oulette, Sproul, Jensen of whoever we going to play in top 4 this season. And we have like zillion 3rd round picks this year. Multiple trades like this may make a team gradually better.... we are instead looking/waiting for some magic, where someone is going to give us franchise D for nothing.