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2011 NHL Draft: Rounds 2-7 Discussion

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Not joking at all, he could jump in right now in a top 4 role and not look out of place on a championship caliber team. He might be over here for the 2012-2013 season, that's how good he is. Read up on him, I think you'll like what you read. He's also slated to be the captain of the Russian WJHC in December. How many 7th rounders are captains of their WJHC? And no, Italy or Japan don't count lol.

And he doesn't have "plenty of question makrs", he only has one. The only reason he was passed over his initial year was because he had mono and a spleen disease that was misdiagnosed as a heart defect, but that has since been rectified and the reason he went so late in this draft was because he stated he'd rather stay in Russia and help the game grow there. I promise you, the first couple Russian that went are better than half of the 1st round player that were drafted. Russians just have that stigma, right or wrong, that they are either lazy or don't have a willingness to move.

Plus...he's right handed :)

A top 4 role on a championship team? Hes played a total of 33 games in the KHL the last 2 years and has 2 points. I know he is a great prospect and hes one of my favourite picks from this draft but come on man? 2 points in the KHL doesnt scream top 4 to me.

Are you saying that right now you wouldnt trade Marchenko for Larsson or Hamilton because that seems nuts to me

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I'm so pumped about the Ryan Sproul pick. :thumbup:

Been too long since we had a good prospect in the OHL that I can follow closely.

Agreed, he's not too flashy, but he was easily one of the, if not the best, defensemen in the entire OHL in the second half of the season and he was only a rookie. Look for him to put up monster numbers this season and really fill out that 6'3" frame of his.

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