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Dry Island: The Flyers of Phildelphia.

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Carter and Richards both had breakout years in 2008-09. In the last two years, both of them have lost about 20 points each per season. Obviously they have the potential to be better than they were in the last couple of years - and I don't think it's unfair or a stretch to attribute some of that to a lack of focus.

As you say, they are getting paid millions of dollars so they don't need to be babysat. And, as you said, the very moment they need babysitting, their price falls - which obviously doesn't work when they have signed long-term deals. This means their "price" was set in stone - no matter how much babysitting they require.

I don't think either one of them had a drinking problem. I think both of them had attitude and focus problems, and at least some of that stems from their lifestyle of partying and drinking. I would never dream of taking away anybody's right to drink, party, and have a good time (especially as a 19 year old student), but when you're making $7+ million dollars a year to play hockey, you should not be letting your partying interfere with your hockey. It could have been a raging Halo addiction that was distracting them, it doesn't matter: it comes down to the fact that they were unwilling to put aside their distractions and dedicate themselves to earning their $7+ million dollar paycheques.

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