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10/22 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Capitals 7

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Game over. The Caps' streak continues.

the game was over the moment Conklin let in that 4th goal. The Wings had some momentum, were carrying the play and were back to only 2 goals down, something that's not impossible to overcome. But that goal right before the intermission sucked whatever energy they had right out.

Overall not a terrible game by Detroit, mostly just Conklin being kinda awful, some bad penalties and penalty killing, a terrible giveaway by Emmerton and maybe not being sharp enough on the PP.

I'd also like to give a +1 to the Cleary bashing. Guy just isn't a 1st liner and while I'm not gonna let Dats and Hank completely off the hook (they need to be better), he is dragging that line down.

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