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11/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 5

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Guest ToMaToToWnWinGsFaN_24

I loathe and despise west coast starts. I hope we get moved to the Eastern Conference, because I don't like missing games. As it is, I don't know how much of this game I'll be able to watch - I've got stuff to do tomorrow that requires me to get more than 5 hours of sleep.

In any event, go Wings. Let's get back on the winning track.

finally youve arrived. usually you are spot on when the GDT hits... :P

anyways i hope youll be able to watch most of it and hope you get lots of sleeps for whatever you have tomorrow :)

ill say 3-2 will be the final score.

pav, lids and cleary for red wings

thornton and pavelski for the sharks

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Nothing abdelkader has done in the past two season suggest he should be prompted to the first line.

I think he's looked excellent this season and he's developing as an offensive player. He sure as hell can't be worse than Cleary.

Edited by Z and D for the C

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I think Fabian is unproven. And I don't have much of an opinion on him, as he has played and looked ok in what 2 games?

my beef is with Abdelkader. I don't think Abby has proven he is a third line player. I believe he was our worst player during last year regular season, and during the playoffs he was horrific.

It also sounds like you think he could become a Cleary type player. Which implies he's not as good as Cleary right now. Well, if Cleary is not working out with Datysuk right now, why would someone who's not as good as Cleary work out? doesn't make sense to me.

in his defence Abdelkader has been better this year, and I hope he proves that he deserves a chance on that first line. I'd rather be wrong and have a winning team, than to sit here and say "told you so"

go wings. I wish the game would start already.

Abdelkader's third line last year in the Phoenix series was great. Abby's third line this season with Helm and anyone else has been great. I don't see what you think is terrible about his play.

Game started. LGW!

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