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11/17 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 5

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Apparently, Smith's making his debut tonight in top-4. Will be interesting to see him playing against one of the best top-6 in the league. Wasn't impressed by his game in preseason though. Good luck to him.

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Current Streaks

Regular-Season Streaks

Overall: 1-game losing streak

Road: 4-game losing streak (1 shutout)

Historical Regular-Season Streaks v. San Jose

Overall: 4-game losing streak

Road: 1-game losing streak

Last Ten Games – Current Regular-Season

Overall: 4W-5L-1OTL

Road: 2W-4L

Last Ten Games – Current All-Time Regular-Season v. San Jose

Overall: 5W-4L-0OTL-1SOL

Road: 5W-5L

Home Stand / Road Trip

This is the second game of a four-game road trip.

Record v. San Jose

All-time Record v. San Jose

All-time, Overall v. San Jose

76G: 49W-22L-4T-0RT-0OTL-1SOL

All-time, Road v. San Jose

38G: 20W-15L-3T

Season Record v. San Jose

This is this is the second regular-season meeting, of four, v. San Jose this season. The Club's record in he previous game:


This is the first road regular-season meeting, of two, v. San Jose this season.

Record on this Day


This is the 36th regular-season game played on this day. The Club’s record in the previous 35 games:


This is the first regular-season game played v. San Jose on this day.


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I'm not confidant with this one, especially after seeing the "powerplay" last game.

That being said, I'm hoping for the best. A 2-1 hard fought victory would be great, especially if it's Pav and Hank who net them.


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Feeling good about this one. After each loss in the slump, they were like "Oh, we just need to get more breaks, it's bad luck, blah blah blah." After the loss Tuesday, they were like, "Damn, we sucked." So I'm expecting a hell of an effort tonight.

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Abdelkader on the top line, give em hell. Hopefully he can reenergize Datsyuk a bit.

Smith in the lineup too.

Going to be an exciting game for sure

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Interesting move with Abby. Hope those lines spark some offense tonight.

Hate Holmstrom on the 4th line, especially with Eaves not playing. Just scratch Homer instead of wasting that line with Emmerton and Miller.

This game will get ugly if the Red Wings play like they did on Tuesday. The Sharks will run them out of the building with their skill compared to the Blues. Get it going Pav and Z!

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I am a little disappointed with these line changes. Franzen never works out good with Pavs I do not understand why Babs refuses to put Fil or Huds with Pavs for a game. ANyways, hopefully Pavs lights it up tonight... the game is against the Sharks and lately the only 3 players who show up against the Sharks are Dats, Hank and Nick... so I predict a big night by those 3. Go Wings!

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