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Quincey Return to Lineup,

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Any of them are better than Error-son.

I was skeptical about Quincey at first, but I've liked his play thus far.

That's about as clever as the people who used to say Osbad.

Ericsson is better than both Janik and Kindl. I agree with what this guy said about E:

I must say, I've seen a dramatic improvement in Ericsson the last few months. He's getting more physical without being stupid and is making less mistakes. If he keeps this up I might start finding him acceptable.

Keep it up Big E.

Quincey is a nice addition though he makes Kindl even more expendable.

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Shocked Janik was taken out vs Kindl; also this will be Kindl's 100th NHL game


Shocked that Janik was sent down to GR over Kindl? If Kindl's sent down, he has to go through waivers, & I would think guaranteed to be claimed by someone. So no, that shouldn't be shocking.

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