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3/28 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 4

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Conklin, and even Mac sometimes, stands up or jumps to get high, harmless shots and it always results in a juicy rebound or pop fly like that goal. Howard does it too, but handles it softly and freezes it. Conklin titty bumps the puck and then plays "which way did it go".

I know; I hate that crap too. But that play shouldn't have happened. Stuart and his brain farts.

And look at that another one. f***!

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******* hell. This is unacceptable.

Well, that wasn't at all unpredictable.

It's my fault for watching. Didn't watch the last two games and they won. Watched the 6 before that and they lost. Watching tonight and...

So I think I'll be turning off this game for the good of the team, though the damage is probably already done.

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