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WCQF Game Four GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 1

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Win it for Helmer and Patty!

Win it for my sorry ass sitting here in "we hate all things Michigan" columbus, ohio".

DP. Sorry guys, my connection really sucks for some reason tonight.

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This is my first post so first of all hello to everybody from Good Old Blighty.

Secondly and most importantly I'm going Wings3-1.

We really need to capitalise on the periods of pressure we have managed put on them like in the third in the game just gone. In another game I would not have been shocked if we had turned them over by five or six but at the moment they seem to be getting the lucky bounces, surely that cannot continue?

On the other hand some of the daft penalties that we are giving away are the sort that you'd expect a team with lesser experience to be giving up. Irrespective of what some people may claim the Bertuzzi dance-off brought nothing to an end and rather than concentrating on the Predators targeting of Hank (see Tootoo's cheap shot on Sunday) we should be concentrating on our own game and stealing a break on the line match ups whilst we have home advantage.

Hope anybody going to the game has a great time, I have 2013 earmarked as my year for a trip to the Joe!

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