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Manny>Ozzie(by a long shot)

How much would you give up?

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Franzen + Howard + Ericsson/1st rounder

NJ is gonna look for a trading partner that would send them a scoring winger to take Kovy's spot in the line-up. Franzen is a given.

With Brodeur pretty much donezo after this contract, this is NJ's chance to grab a goaltender as well. This plus Lou's love for college players and the salary cap difference lead me to think another roster player earning a decent paycheck must be sent packing as well. Insert Jimmah.

The Wings are gonna want NJ to take a contract as well off their hands after all is said and done. Ericsson's contract is based on potential and if by mid-season he's still not showing progress, he seems the most suited.

The draft pick a tough one to call. NJ will have to forfeit their's this next draft so they'llbe looking to add one. After making the Finals, it makes ssense to predict their would-be first rounder won't be much different than Detroit's (knock on wood).

Disclaimer: I would do this trade only if Pavel was entering his prime instead of being on the wrong end of 30.

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Really, do the Wings have a choice?

We really never replaced Raffie, now Lids is collecting a pension, and Stewie caught a plane out west, what are our options?

Other organizations KNOW we are in need and that will make the prices go up.... Supply and demand...

Next few days there will be a lot of hype, articles, and posts.... Make some popcorn and grab a chair folks, it is going to be an interesting ride.

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i thought i read on hfboards they were looking to move kovalchuk AND praise so that they had no albatross contracts on the books and make the team more "sellable" to potential buyers. I can understand on one hand why an owner wouldn't want to purchase a team that owes millions of his money to a player he didn't agree to pay, but on the other hand, wouldn't you want to buy a team with players that can win? Idk how true any of this is, but if Nash, Kovy, Ryan are all out there I like our chances at nabbing one if necessary.

Considering Kovy is older (29) he shouldn't cost as much (and consider his contract). Having all 3 available should drive prices down as teams won't feel compelled to outbid each other in desperation.

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