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  1. Bannedforlife


  2. Bannedforlife

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    In my opinion, i think we have too many guys that play that soft, finesse style of hockey. If i had my way, we would make a deal with Vegas to take Howard, and then trade away everyone that was born in a country that starts with an S. Then I would draft Tippet and Hague. Of course, I know it wont happen, but I believe that Holland might be able to pull it off. If he doesnt then I definitely think he should be fired.
  3. Bannedforlife

    Flames acquire Mike Smith

    This is a real shame, as I was hoping that we could shed about 4m in the expansion draft and then trading 10-15m by trading away bad contracts. Howard wouldve been a big chunk of that if we could have convinced Calgary to take him off our hands. Oh well, as long as we draft Tippet and Hague, ill be happy.
  4. Bannedforlife

    2017 Draft

    Relatable af
  5. Bannedforlife

    2017 Draft

    you guys, do you think Tippet and Hague have best friends yet? cause i was thinking that we could be best friends, if they draft them i mean, which i think they will because i told kenny what would happen to all my jerseys if he didnt draft Tippet and Hague, so i definitely think that we are already best friends and once they get here we can do best friend stuff together like ride bikes together and go to the arcade together and make fun of girls together and throw rocks off the bridge together and practise hockey together and when they have a game we could ride our bikes down to the arena together and they could show me around the dressing room and i could help them put on their jerseys and maybe they could get me my own jersey that says "Leftwinger #01" and when the game starts i could sit up in the owners box next to kenny and tell him all my ideas and if he doesnt listen to my ideas ill tell him hes a big stupidhead and then after the game we could have a sleepover at my house and my mom could make grilled cheese sandwiches for us and we could watch a scary movie together and then we could prank call Franzen together and then we could draw fake tattoos on each other that say "Tippet and Hague and Leftwinger RULEZ!" and then we could go to bed in my giant triple best friend bunk bed and we can stay up late and tell secrets to each other and then fall asleep and have best friend dreams together the end!!!
  6. Bannedforlife

    2017 Draft

    I really think were gonna draft Tippet and Hague. Unless we dont. But we probably will. But I would be okay with it if they choose someone else. Unless Tippet and Hague are still on the board. Do you think they have ever heard of Tippet and Hague? Ive never actually seen Hague play hockey, but I really believe he'll turn out to be a Hall of Famer. Here's my draft order that no one asked to see 1. Tippet 2. Hague 3. Patrick 4. Hischier 5. Tippet 6. Tippet 7. Hague 8. That one kid that ive also never seen play but he's like 6'6" 9. Tippet and Hague 10. Gretzky
  7. Bannedforlife

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Guys, why arent we talking about Hippet and Tague?!?
  8. Bannedforlife

    Drouin for Sergachyov

    Its too bad we werent able to trade for Drouin because I think he wouldve really enjoyed playing with Tippet and Hague
  9. Bannedforlife

    Mattias Elfstrom

    Elfstrom would be better if his name was Tippet and Hague
  10. Bannedforlife

    Targets for the Wings

    Ill be very upset if we dont draft Tippet and Hague. I believe Kenny will make it happen, but then again I wont be surprised if he doesnt because HOLLAND
  11. Bannedforlife

    2017 Draft

    I think we should draft Tippet and Hague. Has any one ever heard of them?
  12. Bannedforlife

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    Youre right. It would be much more constructive if I stated my desire to draft Tippet and Hague about 50 times a day.
  13. Bannedforlife

    Mattias Elfstrom

    Ugh... I can actually hear you getting fatter...
  14. Bannedforlife

    Mattias Elfstrom

    your dad has an elf-sized boner
  15. Bannedforlife

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    I bet you were the kind of kid that would scream and cry if you didnt get to open all of your presents on christmas eve. And then you would complain that the presents you received werent the ones you wanted.