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  1. Stars selected after the seventh pick Lundquist (205) Keith (54) Seabrook (14) Parise (17) Getzlaf (19) Burns (20) Perry (28) Bergeron (45) Weber (49) Pavelski (205) Byfuglien (245) Green (29) Rinne (258) Kopitar (11) Rask (21) Letang (62) Quick (72) Bishop (85) Yandle (105) Giroux (22) Marchand (71) Couture (9) Shattenkirk (14) Subban (43) Simmonds (61) Benn (129) Karlsson (15) Holtby (83) Tarasenko (16) Faulk (37) Gaudreau (104) Forsberg (11)
  2. Youre being irrational and not making any sense. First you say that we should be tanking in order to get the number 2 pick, but then you say that we shouldn't have traded Vanek unless we got a first for him. Well guess what? Getting rid of Vanek will help us lose games, giving us a better shot at a higher pick. The reality is that you would probably find something to complain about no matter what Holland does.
  3. Thats a THN article, not TSN
  4. I seem to remember hearing that Marchenko was highly rated for this draft as well, but he had made it known that he would only come over if he were drafted by Detroit. Hence why we were able to pick him up in the 7th.
  5. No you didnt, because no sane person would choose to drive 30 hours each direction every week or so when flying is easier, faster, safer, and depending on the price of gas in russia, cheaper. The only reason you described it as a 30 hour trip was to make Pavel look like an *******, which he isn't.
  6. I didnt assume a 30 hour flight time, I assumed that Lefty either didnt know or was exaggerating the flight time between St Pberg and Datsyuks home town and was pointing out his mistake.
  7. Not sure why I assumed he would travel by plane to see his daughter? Because when I imagine the illustration of a Venn diagram, Pavel Datsyuk would be located at the intersection of the following sets: A) Needs to travel a great distance B) Has the means to afford a plane ticket C) Isnt a complete moron
  8. Yea, and if he walked it would take about 2000 hours. Why the f*** would a professional athelete and millionaire drive anywhere for 30 hours?
  9. Flying around the world at the equator in a commercial airplane would take about 45 hours. Not sure if planes with that kind of range exist.
  10. There isnt a flight in the world that takes 30 hours. Lol
  11. Albeh has the correct answer
  12. They dont look like very good swimmers...
  13. signed

    I think this was Holland's way of demonstrating to Stamkos that if he signs with Detroit he will continue to be employed long past his abilities have left him. Crafty move, Ken.
  14. Well they could do a sign and trade type deal