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Guest irishock

White as home jerseys or road jerseys?

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  1. 1. White as _____ is better

    • Home jersey
    • Road jersey

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I understand the arguments from some of the folks that have been watching the wings for a long time. i always discuss this with my friend who has watched them his whole life and he feels the same way - whites at home. I, however feel the opposite: As in war you defend your colors at home. Since everyone has whites they can wear them when they come in to other's buildings. You shouldnt have the right to wear your team's colors in someone else's barn - its not your house , youre the guest and should honor that.

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Guest The Axe

Wings should have a fluorescent green jersey they wear every game. Until the Ducks or Sharks copy them.

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Guest mjtm77

The league switched so teams can wear their third jerseys (almost always dark) at home without road teams having to pack both their light and dark uniforms.

I prefer white at home and dark on the road, like most of you guys. If I had season tickets, I wouldn't want to see red vs. white every game.


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I like to pretend this was in Colorado.

The major melee ensued at the 18:22 mark, leading to the third fight. Shortly after a collision between Red Wing center
and Avalanche forward
, Wings
seized the chance to avenge his
teammate by escaping a linesman's grasp and hitting Lemieux with a right hook from the side. McCarty laid many blows on Lemieux, who fell to the ice and covered his head (labeled "turtling" in hockey terminology); McCarty managed to land a few more punches, drag Lemieux to the boards, and knee him in the head before the two were separated by officials.

It was at this point that Colorado
unleashed "

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