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X Factor Part Deux

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X Factor  

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  1. 1. What defender is crucial to this team's success?

    • Danny Dekeyser
    • Jonathan Ericsson
    • Jakub Kindl
    • Niklas Kronwall
    • Brian Lashoff
    • Kyle Quincey
    • Brendan Smith

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:shocking: Jesus, I sure hope not. Smith was garbage (not giving up on him yet tho), DeKeyser is clearly the better overall d-man. It's not even close.

In this context, I think the pollster is asking us to identify a player that needs to have intangible aspects to his game (different or unknown aspects from last season) in order to solidify our defense. I agree that DeKeyser played very well in the short amount of time he was with the Wings. Because of that, I think we know what to expect from him (though I think many of you are thinking DeKeyser will be better than he actually is). I said Smith would be an X-factor because you don't quite know what you'll get - he has shown the ability to play really well, but has often made poor decisions with the puck and with his pinches. If he can cut those down this year and learn from his mistakes last year, he will be the X-factor. That is to say our D is good to average right now, but if Smith *plays like he can*, the overall outlook of our D will be much improved.

I also don't think DeKeyser is clearly the better overall defenseman. He may be better defensively, but Smith has more offensive upside. We also only saw DeKeyser play a dozen games. Don't get me wrong, I want him to be better, but I think the statement is a bit premature.

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DeKeyser is LEADING? What did we do the whole season without him? He played, what, 10 regular season games and a handful of playoff games. He's the most important by far. (sarcasm)

I think because the poll asks two different questions. I would say him being the biggest x factor makes sense. But most crucial to success? that's the top pairing.

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