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Fedorov lacing up the skates Friday

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I bet he's still quick as hell, and you never lose that release.

He could still be in the top six, imo the only problem is, he was the scorer pav and hank were meant to set up.

Which is why he was decent in Washington and bad in cbj.

Scotty was the end to the dead wings, so I assume hes a mad genius.

But he definitely lost a step.

Still, would love to see us make a trade of some weight and be able to sign or trade for him.

He'd be a slower starter but assuming everyone else steps up while he got up to speed on the top line, hell be dangerous come playoffs.

Then he could retire at the end of the seaaon, with another ring and he can get #91 retired.


But i can dream.

-but I don't see anyone else gettingthat number, do you?

Any word on the contract?

Let me be first: overpayment.

He is the gm, so I doubt it, he's making his money.

So Unless hes been working out like mad, or is caught blood doping it'll be pittance.

Or he's punch drunk and is overpaying for a gimmick.

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Guest Playmaker

If Fedorov could still play, he'd still be playing. He left the NHL for a reason. He was a star 20 years ago, not any more. What he's doing is trying to get publicity for his struggling team.

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