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These aren't the Vets you are looking for...

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"Don't understand the thought process here at all. So because they're not hall-of-famers they can't have leadership skills, maturity and other positive "veteran qualities" younger players can learn from?"

It's not too difficult... we rely on vets for experience blah blah blah, because we've done it in the past. The vets in the past were Hall of Famers...these are not. We continue to look to vets that really aren't that good for some unknown reason to me.

"Average league payroll has increased by 50%. If you don't understand how that and the cap level the playing field....well I think it's obvious."

You kinda missed the point, but that ok. Last couple years people complained Wings didn't spend enough, now we are #1 in spending, $12 million more then "bottom feeder" teams like Colorado, and yet the yield is off.

"I'd love to hear all the great players that are available to replace them. You seem to be content ranting yet not providing any viable solution or alternative."

Whoa, whoa, whoa...you mean I must justify my rant with a solution? What kind of a board is this? But ok, Jagr, at $4 million...is a steal. Did you see his break away goal last night...epic

"I have to ask....where have you been for the last 10 years? It's as if this is the first time you've paid attention to the wings since the cap was introduced and are all of a sudden shocked by the state of affairs."

Where HAVEN'T I been might be easier to answer. I'd prefer tho to keep this on topic, unless you want to hear about travelling abroad, partying in crazy clubs and engaging in endless shenanigans, if you let me go back 20 years I got some cool stories bro... But again, you miss the point, and spend a bit too much time attacking the poster rather then just engaging in discussion. I did mention I've been a Wing nut since they were the Dead Things, so not sure what your point is.

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Guest Crymson

Also, we forget - there've been some really, really bad quality-veteran signings in the past, e.g. Hatcher, Modano. Just because he's good and a veteran (as opposed to, say, Sammy, who's bad and a veteran) doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work out for us.

Truism, I know. But I felt like sharing.

How were those bad signings? Hatcher blew out his ACL, and Modano had his wrist sliced open by a skate blade. For reasons not at all their fault, neither of them really got a level chance.

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