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11/7 GDT: Stars 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

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Guest fat guy in a maltby jersey

I'm a fan of the Detroit Red Wings. Not the Detroit Nyquists.

i won't pay to see a team that chooses to not put their best players on the ice because they are overly-loyal to some washed up garbage.

i guess we disagree.

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refusing to pay money to see a team that puts nyquist in the minors so they can re-sign garbage like dan cleary means you're not a "true wings fan"?

so be it.

No. I hate Cleary and Quincey a lot. But I also talk about the good moves that I think Kenny makes. You seem to be a chronic sky is falling fan. I'm pissed that Nyquist is in GR and Cleary is dragging down our top 6, but you should maybe talk about the guys you'd like to see in the top 6. Join the conversations in a positive light. Use constructive criticism, not just pure criticism.

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With the addition of one year experience, Alfie, Weiss, and playing in the easy East ... we should be better than just 4 pts difference than last year.

I'm shocked that we're the only team in the top 5-6 ranking conference that has a NEGATIVE goal differential. And we've been carrying that for a while, to my memory.

I know, it's only 17 games in but there signs to be concerned about.

Is it possible that ten of the first seventeen games being against Western rather than Eastern opponents has anything to do with it? A lot of sources say the East is easier, so being near the top while playing tougher foes should be a good sign. Hiw many of the Eastern teams have as many of thie interconference games out of the way?

Another positive is that travel is going to be much easier for the Wings as the season progresses. The Western Canada swing is already done. I think that actually bodes well for the team.

I'm down on Quincey, Sammy, and Cleary as much as the next fan, but they aren't the only reasons for not having a 17-0-0 record at the moment.

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