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  1. Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    Meh he's done a pretty solid job with what he's had in the past.
  2. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Like the time "we weren't hardcore hockey fans" because we weren't up to date on who Loik Léveillé was? lol Damn us only knowing names and numbers!
  3. Corey Pronman - Top 50 NHL Prospects

    I have more faith in the Red Wings scouting and development than I do in Corey Pronman's evaulation skills. What exactly has Vilardi done since the draft to be so highly regarded?
  4. World Juniors

    I'm sorry you were offended. I honestly thought you were joking about the whole millennials thing. Obviously not. I apologise.
  5. World Juniors

    Yeah I think you've got that backwards
  6. Rumors Thread

    "But the simple fact is Quenneville believed that Jordan Oesterle, Connor Murphy, Michal Kempny, Gustav Forsling and Jan Rutta (who carry a combined cap hit of $7.195 million) have played better than Seabrook (who has a cap hit of $6.875 million, with six more years left on that contract)."
  7. Mid Season Awards

    You could spin that anyway you want. You could also say he only had a few poorer years under 50% that pull his numbers down. Otherwise really he's 50-53%. The point is the numbers are the numbers and he's better than most and "hasn't always sucked at them".
  8. Cholowski playing really well

    What you're forgetting is it's a development league for youth. Not many players with an NHL future will play more than 2-3 seasons there (18/19yrs old). Some skip it entirely. The older players in the league usually do not make it very far professionally as they would have moved on already if they could.
  9. Mid Season Awards

    Has he though? I know it's cool to hate on Crosby here but his career average is 51.4% and he's even had 3 seasons better than this season. Not to mention his playoff numbers are even higher.
  10. Libor Sulak

    ...among defencemen. Not overall. Not to mention he's played half the games as most. Small sample size, but nonetheless encouraging. Also have to remember he turns 24 in a couple months. Guys like Hieskanen and Juolevi are 18 and 19.
  11. Rumors Thread

    Cody Franson is a pylon with decent hands. He can't keep up with today's game. Not to mention he's been injured 3 times in the month of December alone with a mysterious "upperbody injury".
  12. Realignment Talk

    Well he promised the Ilitches he would move them back to the East. I can't imagine he would disrespect that agreement just a few years later and flip them back.
  13. Realignment Talk

    Detroit's in the East to stay. Bettman promised that to the Ilitches.
  14. World Juniors