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  1. Always has to be one of two extremes with you with everything. There's many ways to see and interpret this. And neither of your suggested outcomes are at all likely.
  2. What good is cap space, if the players available are worse then the players we're getting rid of? It makes zero sense when this team is playing to win and be competitive this year.
  3. Of course offers are time sensitive. Lots of decisions have to be made over short periods of time. That's not on the Wings that he decided to change his mind or retract his demands. He made that mistake and both sides ending up losing.
  4. Not to mention centers are in higher demand and thus have more value.
  5. It's clear you don't understand this at all and have no idea what you're talking about. lol
  6. Kliq stated. The Cap is linked to overall revenue. Not the top salaries. By taking less he is actually leaving more for his peers. But you keep spinning whatever it is you're trying to spin.
  7. Tarasenko's contract is looking pretty awesome now.
  8. Trouba plays for Winnipeg. I guess my point is...if theyre dealing from a position of strength, why would they want Nyquist? Undersized perimeter wingers have little value compared to core younger defencemen. Especially ones with his contract. If I'm a GM and I'm dealing a young defenceman because of a surplus, I'm at least going to ask for a forward of similar pedigree and age.
  9. Ok let's say there's roster spots available. Who could you see them fetching?
  10. I'll take Daley with the better contract and the draft picks we received for Smith. Seems like a no brainer with where our team is at.
  11. I'm curious what kind of defenceman you would expect to get for Nyquist/Tatar+ picks?
  12. Not all players develop at the same pace. They seem to think he's got a higher ceiling. Much like Cholowski. Looking forward to see what can come from him.
  13. Takes a big man to keep calling 17 and 18 year olds derogatory names.
  14. I honestly think some of you hate Holland more than you like the Red Wings. You would rather see these guys fail, and be right about Holland, than have these guys excel and have a successful team built by Holland.
  15. Overall pretty happy with the draft so far. Looking forward to see how these guys develop. Leftwinger calling an 18 year old kid names again? Keep setting that high standard for yourself lol