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  1. Our draft position

    So you're not going to sign a mid-level player in 2017 because a couple guys might be available in 2019?? Again...Daley's contract is the last of our worries. I don't really know what to say if you really think that that signing is going to have any effect on any of those guys signing here....It won't. Holland is always going to want character veteran role models around. Daley is a good one who doesn't break the bank and fills a need. Trade a forward if you have to.
  2. Whipping Boy

    Kind of surprised me...Vegan whipping boys? Bunch of sheep... Link
  3. Next contracts for the young guns

    As I've said I think Holland will be smart enough to get all three in bridge deals. However do I think we could gamble and possibly win on a 6x8 type contract with Larkin? Yeah I do and I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility.
  4. Next contracts for the young guns

    Have you honestly not noticed a trend league-wide where teams have starting locking up their players for their core years coming right off entry -level? You're acting like this is some crazy unprecedented thing that has never happened before.
  5. Next contracts for the young guns

    Except that deal was signed 5 years ago. Judging for market inflation he would have received 7.5-8m today. Making Larkin's 6x8 deal seem quite reasonable. For every Nugent-Hopkins there's a Nathan MacKinnon. Anyways here's hoping for 3 bridge deals but I wouldn't be surprised to see Larkin sign long-term.
  6. Next contracts for the young guns

    Ummm no. Larkin's ceiling, potential and pedigree is much higher than those guys were ever considered. Yes Nyquist had hype about possibly becoming a "Zetterberg-lite". That's nothing compared to a potential #1 centerman who plays a complete 200ft game.
  7. Next contracts for the young guns

    I think a bridge deal for all three would probably be in our best interest. Especially with our current cap situation.
  8. Next contracts for the young guns

    What do Nyquist and Tatar have to do with anything? Larkin is a potential #1 center. They were undersized potential top 6 wingers. The HYPE isn't even close to comparable. If you want to lock in a player of Larkin's caliber for 8 years you have to pay. Obviously theres risk in that. It's a gamble for both sides. It's all about recent comparables.
  9. Next contracts for the young guns

    At minimum Larkin is going to get Bo Horvat money. $5.5m x 6 No way his agent settles for less unless they're doing a bridge deal. $6m x 8 sounds alot more realistic. It's always more than you think when it's a long-term deal for a key young player.
  10. Next contracts for the young guns

    Come on... The difference between RFA and UFA contracts has been explained time and time again. They're not comparable.
  11. Rumors Thread

    I'd have to imagine that in the end Green wasn't traded because of his NTC and not because of the injury. I really think that once Tampa and Wash were ruled out, he didn't want to move. I'm not saying the injury didn't scared people off, but I don't believe for a second that Vegas didn't want him in the Tatar deal after failing on Karlsson.
  12. Rumors Thread

    It still doesn't explain why Green couldn't have been traded for a conditional pick. That's the whole point of conditional picks.
  13. Rumors Thread

    I don't buy it and I don't think anyone else will either. He's on an expiring contract with everything to prove and he's dealing in a seller's market. The ball is not in his court.
  14. Rumors Thread

    Why is he talking about the next year or two?? That quote scares the crap out of me. Seems like he's already putting out the fires for not selling at the deadline.