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Cory Emmerton waived

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I think the main thing people are bitter about is that he was such a high pick and never turned out. Sure - he is a guy who gives 100% out there but being selected that high kinda puts a target on your back. If he was a 6th rounder people would be applauding his achievement of cracking the roster to begin with.

the 41st pick isn't that high. From 99-08 only 4 guys picked at 41 played in the NHL this year. Emmerton, Tyutin, Pavelcec, and BIckell. Not exactly a bunch of all stars.

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haha so no body has claimed any of our waiver guys this season? Its hilarious how we float these same guys in trade ideas

Not just Wings players aren't being claimed...nobody is being claimed off waivers this year.

In fact if your players are getting claimed off of waivers you probably made a mistake waiving them in the first place.

Fans are notoriously innaccurate when it comes to trade predictions, if the Wings are going to bring someone good (#1 Defenceman, or top 6 forward) into the fold its going to cost some young pieces that we as fans don't want to lose. (Mantha, Mrazek, Sproul, Nyquist, Jurco or Tatar etc.)

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