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Andersson breaks foot - down another center

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:blink: Cleary... Our playoffs hopes are truly dashed if we are stooping to this talk... If the playoffs are a distant thought, I'd rather give Ferraro or Callahan a shot...Like stated from an earlier user, put Abby back at center and use CallaHAN OR BRING UP fERRARO. Or sit Bertuzzi, because he is useless and bring up both. May as well give them a chance instead of waiting until we are mathematically eliminated. Look at how our kids that are already here forced Babs to leave them in, could we luck out again?

Franzen - Legwand - Nyquist

Miller - Glendening - Alfredsson

Tatar - Sheahan - Jurco

Abdelkader - Ferraro - Callahan

..sure beats the hell out of putting Bert and Emmy in there...although we all know that is what will happen...

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Fire the Strength and Conditioning coach. Something ain't right in the D.

I think they need someone with a fresh approach to conditioning, this hasn't been working for at least a few seasons now

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