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ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

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How good is Boston at team defense? Just look at their goaltending stats this season.

Rask: 2.04GAA, .930SvPct, 36-15-6-7

Chad Johnson & Niklas Svedberg: 2.10GAA, .931 SvPct, 18-4-3-2

There's essentially zero dropoff from the possible Vezina winner to the no-name backups (who actually had a better won-loss record). Granted, it's harder when you're the top guy and you have a heavier workload, but I think it shows that while Rask is excellent, the Bruins also put him in a position to excel.

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And if Howard doesn't give up 2 weak goals there's a good chance we're probably up 2-1 right now.

That is just. not. true. Period. They've scored 1 fluke goal in the last two games combined. I'm not sure where you see our wins coming from, because it's literally impossible to win when you don't score.

I'd like to highlight last night's games as examples of your theory being completely baseless. Lehtonen let in 1 goal that was easily as soft as Howard's first goal in Game 3. The Stars went down 2-0 early and rallied later to win the game. Bobrovsky let in 2 goals that were softer than Howard's. The Jackets went down 3-0 VERY early and rallied later to win the game. Crawford let in 2 goals that were softer than Howard's and put the Hawks in a hole. His team then rallied and won the game in OT.

Three examples in ONE NIGHT of goalies having worse performances than Howard had in game 3, and three examples of their team winning regardless. By the way, all three were home teams just like Detroit was. The reason they won and we didn't is because of all the players in front of the goalie. End of story.

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