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10/24 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Canucks 2 (OT)

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I'd go with Jimmy. Both Jimmy and Mrazek are doing well.

I feel like benching Jimmy would screw up his confidence. Not sure if thats a smart move if they're tryig to maintain a tandem.

Mrazek doesn't seem to care much if he doesn't start, kid will play with confidence regardless.

Jimmy takes things to the heart a bit too much.

Coaching is sometimes like parenting. Hah.

Tough call. I tend to agree with you on the confidence point. Mrazek will just get hungrier. Jimmy could get rattled.

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$100 says Blashill goes Mrazek, Howard, Mrazek this week.

I'm a betting man but I have no idea if Howard or Mrazek will get the double-duty shift this week. Physical status should play a factor (they did get crashed into a couple of times, groin strains etc) so I'm guessing they'll decide Monday Tuesday.

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He also confirmed every single thing that Leftwinger's sister's boyfriend's brother has ever told him about the Wings.

Totally uncalled for, I am not even in your conversation....besides I haven't talked to that guy in years, that dick owes me $100! :lol:

What happened to Helm?

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