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  1. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    We are past that. Survival is the focus. Thus Howard tends the goal, is what I believe the reasoning is. I predict a one goal loss. Don't like it, but that's what I have a 20 bucks bet on.
  2. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    This loss was bad, real bad. Letting up a 3-1 lead late in the third and ultimately losing at home against a bottom feeder is as demoralizing as it gets. On top of that, the dominance Colorado displayed at the end of the game was.. Punishing.. Aggressively dominating. Rape comes to mind. Let's see how they look right after this. If you think it's easy to shake this treatment off 'even' for the veterans think again. I could bet you Z discussed hanging them up over dinner at home if we could somehow find out. Albeit as it is, it's just conjecture from me. Stars are aligning. When one of our key players goes down, the plunge begins. And the trek toward Dahlin begins in earnest.
  3. Why are we better than last season?

    Can't pick just one as it wouldn't be a correct depiction of 'the truth'. As for if only one person Howard comes in at the top. But kids close behind.
  4. 11/17 GDT Sabres @ Red Wings 7:30 PM EDT

    Slightly careful about this one but 20 bucks on the Wings moneyline. Time to pack the bag, I'm off to play myself. May the Octopi rain tonight!
  5. The MANtha watch.....

    He did alright this one. I remember his broken leg and the setback it caused. Fels like yesterday. I'm guessing it put a real fire on his ass. He had it all, now he has the passion to boot. Just do not ******* get injured. *off to look for luxury vacations at Aruba or Canarie islands
  6. Yep Smith caused us big problems last game and in effect won the game for Calgary. We should gain zone entries easier and the team should be rested. 25 bucks on the Wings moneyline. May the Octopi rain tonight!
  7. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    He's a top 3 prospect with just a few games played this season. I am projecting him to be our top prospect around march unless he gets injured or traded. I could write a lot. Not needed. Use them eyes. His speed and creativity creates chaos. Just like some dude drafted in the 7th round long ago did.
  8. Frk vs Pulkkinen

    Dude is built, with a very strong core, trapezius and other supporting muscle groups which is providing the tension when the stick is touching the puck. Yes a s***load of other factors play in, but them musculidos are the finishing touch for that monster shot. Which also helps in other areas. He can freeze the puck in corner battles for instance, something Pulkkinen could not provide. =barely gets a spot on this team. Simply put, dude's got beef. Pulkcannon does not.
  9. Next GM

    Promote Ken Holland to some advisoral administrative role. Get a Veteran GM that wears knucklebusters and a pocket knife 24/7 while at the same time holding a Masters degree in business or organizational theory. Dispatch Blashill through means of offering him the Griffins back, or walk. Don't hire a coach, hire a team, consisting of a coach together with advanced statistical analytics support whom in tandem have a proven record. Your long term winning should start fairly quickly. New times ahead. Have to use the tools that science has given. Coming from someone who still watches the odd CAN - CCCP game from the 70's.
  10. Damn them Oilers look awful. They are performing well under capacity. Clearly some stuff is going on there. That was a dominating two points which by itself is comical/ridiculuous. But I'll take it. Next.
  11. I agree with this. And yes, they will beat us down.
  12. Seems Mrazek is starting. So we meet McJesus on his home turf and he ain't no jabroni. May the hockey gods have mercy on our team.
  13. Country in all it's glory but given the "electronic web of signals that displays porn web pages mostly" you should dare to take your statements to encompass this roundish (not completely) ball spinning on it's axis (21degrees) around a huge burning fire due to protons releasing their energy which slowly dissipates to the surface. Fake news people do. Although they disregard that burning fire thingie. Which sort of makes sense, it probably shouldn't be in here, but makes for good drama.
  14. Line looks damn promising, it's what most of us are looking forward to each game. I hope they keep them bundled up, I imagine what they could conjure up 3 years from now with Mantha naturally sizing up in muscle growth, Larkin getting more rugged and AA perfecting his aggressive speedy game. A glimmer of light in our tunnel of misery at least.
  15. Best of luck to us! I don't like that Stone figure in Sens lineup. He has an annoying tendency to be at the right spot at the right time. And Karlsson is simply dangerous, always creates chances. My gut feeling tells me we have a chance, albeit a low one. Will enjoy this one fer sure.