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  1. Atta boy. Good to see that Datsyuk got some spirits still. Retaliation hit 100%. I say let him walk. Shouldn't be a problem, being mother Russia and all. Add to the mix that he returned home premature.
  2. I have been writing that our wins haven't been good for us when we have indeed won - once established that we won't be making the playoffs. But I'll buy your argument for this one. Thought it myself. If there's any team I want to subjugate when they last visit the joe it is the Avs. So good win. And I am glad that Sheahan didn't score. I want him not scoring any goal this season. I want him to center our fourth line going forward. In other words I think he is a good 4th line center - I just want the angle to get him very cheap and to feel that it is his only (guaranteed) spot.
  3. Bad win. Mrazek should have folded in the shootout. Perhaps make him the number one goalie if he agrees to take some dives this season. We need to drop lower in the standings if at all possible.
  4. Larkin might have been a power forward in the minors or whatever. In the NHL he simply can not play power forward. He would be instantly injured or have bad output compared to personnel suited for the role. On top of that his primary weapon is his speed. Bulk him up for the power forward role and you slow him down. Put him on wing, I don't think he's a center, could possibly develop into one but I am not seeing it right now.
  5. Dunno I think that redhead dude would be good for us. Adds colors, you know?
  6. Thx, gem of read some good posts.
  7. I still believe. Ok I don't. But I still watch them games. Some with just an eye. No more feelings really, it's "over" and I'm just observing what the deal might be with some of these players.
  8. Daeeemn now that's one ginger dude right there. Stats look good. As long as he doesn't cut his hair down I say draft him.
  9. We be ugly. Those scouts better get their s*** together and pull out some Datsyukian prospects.
  10. Doesn't work that way. The call-up is the ultimate ticket for any player in the AHL, regardless of whatever team they play for. They believe, and have been told that they are brought up to add unique value, driving the group forward. Of course they would love bringing in a Calder cup. But it is a mere shadow to playing in the bright lights of the NHL.
  11. Oh boy Russo got bombed badly in his first game. Being a defenseman I could see he had big time trouble with the speed of the NHL. And Babcock ordered his hoodlums to bust in, it was not by accident Russo got hit over and over, Babs wanted him to cough up the puck. With that said, don't give up hope on Russo. He got shocked but could still be an asset. Let him recover and more importantly refelct over his debut, he might still have something special. We need to see half a dozen+ games before we can say what's going on.
  12. Silence! Such blasphemy.. We can still make it. We only have to win all but 1 game to make it, guaranteed. I believe this attitude shows a lack of faith and team spirit from some unnamed forum members. Show some grit and heart. <takes off sarcastic pointy hat> Of course we should shut down. But without showing it. I hope those statements makes sense paired up. As to how, I leave it to the OP.
  13. I've had 2 ACL tears. If they are considering surgery, it is a tear. They are likely trying to assertain if the tear is at the surface, where it will self-heal and no surgery is required. One of my tears was a surface-tear and did just that, self-heal. The other one required surgery and a small piece was removed. Both took about 6 months for full recovery.
  14. I like it. I want to see what Robbie can do in the majors. Our defense flat out sucks and we are not making the playoffs. I say give him plenty of games, let's see where he's at.