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  1. 2/18 GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    That's right. And I would say they are right in thinking so. Our team is bad. Every loss is a win counting towards the draft. With that said every game I watch I want us winning. Contradiction? Absolutely. It boils down to human nature if you ask me. In the end though I want what's best for our team long term, and right now that is getting stripped, dipped in tar and rolled in feathers, landing comfortably close to Arizona amongst the bottom feeders. 20 bucks on Toronto.
  2. 2/17 GDT - Red Wings @ Predators - 8:00 PM EST

    If so, it's a legit move. Props. He is our golden calf right now.
  3. 2/15 GDT - Red Wings @ Lightning - 7:30 PM EST

    TBL isn't just good, they do it in a business-like fashion. I hold them as The prime favorite to win it all this season. Their backend could use some help, maybe Green(?) but their offense is just plain old deadly, Stamkos and Kucherov feels like a snake about to attack once they get to collect themselves in the offensive zone. The Captain getting it done on all levels. Bah.
  4. 2/11 GDT Red Wings at Capitals 3:00 PM EST

    If we are to let the new guard play for real and learn then we have to accept wins like this, which to most of us here are losses now really. Our hopes lies in losing long term this season statistically, which probably will happen to some degree given the season history. Bottom five would be ideal for me come draft lottery day but I'd take bottom 7 hands down. Very unlikely to land Orr, I mean Dahlin but I am fine with having a Chance to get him.
  5. You are right on, lots of things need to happen for any hockey team in any league to surrender a 3 goal lead in 15 minutes. Lack of confidence. No set defensive playstyle, ie posture/scheme. Expecting the loss. Bad luck. I believe it's a good loss, stated earlier. This is a back-breaker. We have had some of those this year. But this one was Bad. Veterans will want to get out. Kids need a reset. Which is what I think we need, so no harm done truth be told.
  6. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    He did well. A long time ago. Present day, not so much, although he had some hightlights such as the Brendan Smith trade. He (KH) should have left 3-5 years ago - about when he started stating that the cap and draft would lead to parity. Now, some thought is needed here, Ken Holland is correct about that - cap and the draft setup does set it up for most teams to fall on a line with minor variation long term statistically - if those two key variables were the only affecting ones in regards to winning percentage. I would say that above two variables are the major ones, but by no means the only ones of course. Strategy, correct utilization, team 'spirit', a culture of winning does a lot as well. But that's not my point, which is that when Ken Holland says cap and parity 'is what it is', I sense acceptance from him regarding this. Which is the last thing I want. . I want a general manager either avoiding the question while doing whatever legal he/she/it can do to maximize our winning percentage And herein lies a problem which goes for all teams. What can you do if you have to fall in line? I foresee corruption, bribes and false testimony because of the rules. The premise is simple. Win more, earn more. Rules doesn't allow it. So circumvent the rules, preferably under the hood. A mechanic as old as man itself.
  7. A beautiful loss. Wish it was on regular time though. Now drop what you can and keep everything young. We might not win a lot but it'd be fun to watch.
  8. Brenden Smith placed on waivers ON HIS BDAY. LOL

    Hah. What a story, completely fubar. Glad we dropped him, that was a right move if any. Happy ******* birthday. I still hold a hard grudge against him for pushing the puck while sitting on the bench on to the ice in the playoffs against the Lightning resulting in an automatic penalty. For me, that is simply unacceptable. I would have dropped him on the spot and let the lawyers handle it.
  9. Rumors Thread

    Agreed of course. He knows he has a high chance to win this year. He's looking at prime meat to stock up on for the run, being Green and Nyquist is my bet. Both should fit right in to their wheelhouse. If you ask me to choose one I'd say Green.
  10. Goalie Flame War

    Hear hear.
  11. 2/6 GDT Bruins at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Didn't and won't watch but a good loss. #Dahlin. Might not get him but it is what we should strive for.
  12. 2/6 GDT Bruins at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    First game of the season I won't watch. I would have Certainly watched if Marchand was playing. That rat is the only thing that reminds me of late 90's hockey, when in my opinion the greatest hockey of all time was played (overall). Truth be told I want us to loose games. Everytime I watch I want us to win. So the logic is simple, if weird.
  13. Where does Bertuzzi fit?

    Absolutely. Granted, would have wanted more, as in maybe shouldering 2nd/3rd line duties (and he's young might still be able to) but I buy that. Only nagging thought is that he was a 2nd round draft I believe (no time to double check) and from that, I would have Liked to have him on a higher line, but once again, you take what you get.
  14. Where does Bertuzzi fit?

    Todd was legit as a big, dangerous low area player. As a defender I would have been alarmed by his presence due to his size, toughness (very hard to move is what I mean really, a combo of size and natural low center of gravity) and excellent sense of game flow. As for the new Bertuzzi, not so much. Tenacious no doubt. But lacks size and low area presence. Middle of the pack feel of where to be in the offensive zone. 4th liner for a few years if you ask me.
  15. 2/3 - Red Wings @ Florida Panthers GDT 7:00 EST

    Then into the shadows I shall walk. A good loss. I do not feel the grim reaper over my left shoulder yet.