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  1. For me this years draft was about Tippett. I don't believe we'll get him. He'll go top 7. Right about where we 'should have picked', +-2. I'm willing to bet some money he'll go 5 or 6 if someone wanna play. I am hoping for surprises, given that we have quite a few picks, some should pan out. But odds for a game changer is... miniscule. I predict more pain and misery. Maybe next year.
  2. Lower tier in Griffins or Finland seems about right. Point is this is basically an opportunity for him to show if he can play, for real. Someone saw something about him, somewhere. But it's unlikely he'll pan out. I'd love to be surprised though. I'm on board for the tryout. The heavens know we need a surprise.
  3. McDavid is McJesus. I haven't seen anything move like he does and that includes Lemieux with his frame, speed and royal hands. Playmaking ability as well. Can't think of any veteran not taking a discount to play on the Oilers if Jesus is there and healthy, which should show on the signings coming up soon enough.
  4. Good player. Could explode, has a high ceiling. Not worth the risk for the probable price.
  5. I did say Edmonton would loose their wallets in El Segundo - Anaheim do have a good composition well suited for the playoffs. I doubt they'll go all the way but if they keep the matchups even, going 6-7 games while pounding away at the opposition with intense physicality they stand a punchers chance. With that said McJesus will come back stronger, faster and more skilled soon enough. I'm looking forward watching him early next season, should be fireworks if he has spirit which I presume most of us believe he has.
  6. I have no emotions about this "non-signing". I will however follow him for sure, mostly because of his nonconvential rise to the top. He can clearly play. What's his limit? Curious. Since he choose not to come here I can't attach his possible success to our flailing team, but I guess I am not alone in thinking that if he were to pan out, what could we have done to convince him to join in retrospect? Let's just observe a while.
  7. We ain't getting the redhead dude at pick 9. Might have at pick 7. I could be wrong and I would appreciate that. But it is highly unlikely.
  8. Just chiming in to say that the 9th pick is clear dissapointment. With some luck we'll get that redhead kid. Doubt it though. With 7th or below we had good chances. More pain and misery ahead.
  9. My stance on our pick this year is quite simple. Unless we trade to move up in the draft to try to pick someone specific, I believe that with our highest pick we should choose the best player available. Should probably add what management believes is the best player available, it's a qualified conjecture after all. Regardless of position. Yes, that includes goalies but not linesmen or coaches, despite having a 3rd round pick from trading a coach. By the way, the draft lottery is April 29th, this saturday for the casual reader.
  10. I think Edmonton will loose their wallets in El Segundo - Anaheim gets this. No idea in how many. McDavid might get hurt in this one.
  11. Athanasiou would go well with McDavid. I'd consider a straight up swap against Adam Larsson, the Edmonton defender that was swapped to get from NJ for Taylor Hall. Just food for thought.
  12. I said I wouldn't watch any series in the first round but this one. Well I did watch some games here and there but my hunch was right, this series is the most intense matchup in my opinion. Series is tied 2-2 and the last games of this series are Jacksoni certified if you are looking for good hockey.
  13. Great goal by Sidney Crosby though. Made this sort of a series.
  14. None will be resigned in regards to the Red Wings. Some might be signed el cheapo for the Griffins. Of those named Street and McIlrath to the Griffs. Callahan as well but he has a shot to move up as a 4th line grinder given the right circumstances. Possibly even as a starter if he does well up to the season start.
  15. Does not matter who wins this series. They are Detroit 2013-now in the sense that they might reach round 2 if lucky. Wrong thread for it, but just a note that every team is so similar so far I've seen in the playoffs (and regular season) that I am considering just dropping watching alltogether. Just pushed this reasoning here because of their likeness to our team the last 4 years.