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  1. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I have expressed concerns about Dylan Larkin just a few days earlier and had a discussion around my locale with fellow skaters, most of them not Red Wing devotees but with many years of hockey veterancy. After quite a bit of discussion we came to some sort of consensus. Mind you, it is hard to project a NHL star but we tried to extrapolate what we saw from good young players growing in from our ranks. Thoughts played out were. 1. Got beef. Larkin is fast and has the vision but rightfully lacks confidence to take full strides to go his game in the offensive zone, except when staying on the outside or rounding the goal. Let the kid do major chins, deadlifts, benchpresses and shoulder presses for a season or two and the rest wlll follow. Look at McKinnon as a role model. 2. See point 1. Except some minor ramblings about Larkin being a *****. Probably not relevant but such is life.
  2. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I think if we fail to make it this season, Blashill will go. And Holland will face pressure to go. I hope he goes. He did well for a lot of years. But we need someone young(er), analytical and hungry. Not an easy feat, but enough $'s have a tendency to bring them good ones out in to the sun. There is not any cap on coaches. Big papa Ilitch would have paid up, will his heir?
  3. Off-season moves

    This would only happen under gunpoint, in which they refuse, Holland shoots the opposition, burns down their villages and brings back OEL as war booty. Wait we live in the 21st century? Well. Still, it should be the only logical way to get that. Or some sort of extortion but that's even more unlikely.
  4. Off-season moves

    I wouldn't trade Svechnikov. Not because I am dazzled by his play, rather that he has not shown anything in the NHL except for a few games last season whom did not matter for us. He did look good in those games, but that does not mean much to any potential buyer. His trade value is nothing more than a good prospect. So we would not be getting too much for him. The rest I'm all for trading for a really nice defensive talent. Or perhaps pass a Swedish/American defensive bill, allowing Detroit to lawfully recall Lidström for 2 years. I am sure he'd still be able to play in a top 6 role, most likely top 4. He is still in perfect shape, works out daily, both cardio and strength training.
  5. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    As expected. If he's healthy he's good. In my opinion he certainly should start the season. Mrazek will get his shot to show where he is at soon enough. Among all the problems we have this, being the goalie tandem, is the most pleasant. Perhaps a rewording is in order - the goaltender situation is not a problem except for the cost, being 9m+ for our tenders. Going in to next season I'd like that down 1.5-2m if possible.
  6. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    Been thinking a lil about Larkin. He had a tough season, clear decline, was scouted and matched pretty hard. Harassed at times. Forced to fight, which he did well. What do we do if he doesn't improve from last season? I wouldn't mind putting him on wing if his game has not picked up about a quarter into the season, my point being we shouldn't see his center position as set in stone. He just might be a winger, not saying it is so, saying we should have that door open. I get the feeling that his C position is decided a little bit too early in here.
  7. Off-season moves

    Waiving Ericsson and putting Kronwall on LTIR would for me, seem to be the optimal approach for this team, allowing the young defensive 'prospects' to play. Ericsson would almost certainly clear waivers and could be a veteran presence in the AHL. If he accepts that role, I have no idea about that. Doubt it. Kronwall is proud and tough-nosed, it'd be hard to make him agree to go on long term injury, unless he realizes he's done for. Perhaps stress him a little, make him play heavy preseason games. If he sees that he can't compete effectively, maybe he'll agree on the LTIR. Speculative but that's what I would do. And I'd see what he could bring to the team if the knee holds up. I have no belief what so ever that these events will happen though. Well well, Ericsson was our best defender the first 5 games last season in my opinion, maybe we can get another 5 good ones. But he is done for, he's way too slow for the NHL, which forces him to stay in position and keep large buffers on defense, which in turn renders him mostly useless in todays game.
  8. Off-season moves

    Like Sheahan. Great.
  9. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    I don't buy it. I like the player under the right circumstances, as in the right line setup, ie piano puller and supreme setup guy. Term is Ok if healthy but still got to see his shoulder in action for a long stretch to believe it. Bigtime gamble in my opinion. Guess we'll find out once we start reaching christmas.
  10. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    I'd replace Sheahan in front of the net with Thompson and put Sheahan on the left circle right where Ovechkin likes to sit. Otherwise it looks good.
  11. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    This one is interesting because I have no idea how it will go. Anyone wanting to throw in another analysis go right ahead. I'm guessing they will settle long term. But if they weren't it means this team shifts in priorities on a profound level, beyond the scope of Tatar's contract I believe, upgrading from a 'rebuild on the fly' to a plain old rebuild. Whether I am right or wrong at least the outcome will be up soon enough. Debates to follow.
  12. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Lots of tissle and tassle in here but most recent comments seems stale about the issue at hand. Any news on Tatar's arbitration? If not, we really need a semi-insider. Perhaps cash up collectively to have an unemployed Detroit gentleman stalking Ken Holland at the very least, reporting that he has left the arbitration building using social media. It might seem overly curious but it is our biggest deal of the season by far.
  13. Off-season moves

    John Tavares seems mostly ranked top 7, let's say top 10 of centers currently playing in the NHL. To me there really isn't a pricetag on those. You offer what you can, if you have the cap space. I don't believe it is justifiable to compare any trade returns for him unless it is a straight swap for someone of his caliber, be it Ovechkin or whomever of the same stature. I don't see two good role players justifying a trade for him. If the seller has leverage and some brains he/she most likely will not undergo such matters. Which leads to a possible UFA scenario of Tavares. This reminds me of the Kevin Durant history last year (NBA). Which means, if Tavares is not signed this summer boils down to what good old Johnny wants - the maximum cash or go to a contender. Looking at the Islanders, besides their 4th line which is masterful, gives much to desire. I am Guessing Tavares will not sign an extension with the Islanders. And he will not sign with Detroit either, unfortunately. I don't predict any further on the matter though.
  14. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    That bold text seems fitting. He'll get it, got the goods for it. Should be even sharper this season.
  15. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    I am having a hard time comparing Nyquist to Tatar. They are somewhat similar but Nyquist can stand his own in the offensive zone - mostly, albeit with difficulty against them big hoodlums such as Hedman and other towering beasts. Tatar is worthless in that regard, once he doesn't have the puck in motion he's a deadbeat. Forget the corners. Might as well have him leave the corner for the bench during the scrimmage. He does have slightly better hands but to me that does not come close to justify a similar salary as Gustav. And Once again, he is recovering from a shoulder injury - universally known as the hardest area to treat and to recover from. I do have personal experience regarding this. I have ruptured my right achilles, both my MCL's have ruptured and my left upper shoulder tendon got permanently extended due to a heavy hit. Of those I only still feel the shoulder despite militaristic rehab and permanent weight lifting since dinosaurs walked on earth.