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  1. I called six prior to. Gotta know the corrupt commitee, foo. Joke aside, given the crime I could see that the time would be 5 games minimum. Add 1 for good measure but not more since Gustav has no priors and plays soft & clean. Which is not a compliment.
  2. Unless we land the first pick, possibly the second pick logic dictates a straight pick swap for Trouba.
  3. My money is on Nyquist getting more than 5 games. My money would be on 6. Possibly 7 game suspension.
  4. This thread was overripe for that comment^^
  5. He looked good. Made us win no doubt. I'm sure he'll get the next one. Let's see where this goes. If he plays at max capacity he has the ability to steal some games. That is a pattern change. We'll see.
  6. If Babcock picked him up, and he would have the final say for anything coming from Detroit, I'd say Marchenko wasn't picked up for being a third pairing defensive defenseman. There are too many of those, most likely already in the Marlies (their AHL club) ready to move up. I suspect he was picked up being projected as a right handed second pairing defensive defenseman or at worst a third pairing, for free.
  7. Normally I would happily agree. I just wrote I'll go down with the ship which is a different phrase for 'win everything we can, if we can'. Problem is, math shows we are out unless a big pattern change emerges. So what factors can give us an upswing? I don't see any. And if I don't see any, I get confused as to our goals. See my merry-go round?
  8. Danny DeKeyser with "the bomb". I'm still a bit confused if I prefer a high draft pick over us winning games this season. Can I have both?
  9. I'll watch I'll watch it. I'll go down with the ship. This would be a good time to try to bribe Tavares over for the end of next year. A couple mill under the table, a nice house for the mom's, ya know.
  10. Allow me to laugh, a dry laugh. This is turning into a parody of sorts. He should Not be waived. I can think of many more suited for that. Geez.
  11. Not much I can add to the conversation. From a standpoint of making the playoffs or not, we are very likely not making it. With that in hand and an old core that cannot sustain any more it's time to sell. So hand out what you can but keep the youngsters. Picks or prospects only in return. Accept taking on some salary for some players, as mentioned Ericsson, Howard, even Smith.
  12. I ain't sellling my Larkin jersey. I'll go down with the ******* ship. See you on the way up in 5 years.
  13. I like Hitchcock. But I don't think he would work for our team which will be in transition really soon. I have also watched his interviews last summer about taking 1 year contracts and that this was his last and he gave an honest impression about that. Being canned could change that of course, I guess we'll see. He should be the prime candidate for Vegas. Well Lefty I didn't see this coming. Given what we have to play with I agree with your lineup. Maybe switching Larkin with AA but that's nitpicking both work fine. With that said I don't think we should roll those lines. I want a decent pick, we are in bad shape and if we are gonna miss the playoffs lets go out with a big bang.
  14. Hear hear. And may the posts be with us. Not sure if we should win or not but I sure Hope we do.
  15. To me it seems Toews simply isn't hungry any more. Not everyone is Yzerman, with a crazy drive to excel, no matter what and no matter what anyone says. Add to that a small natural physical decline and we have a potential answer. I might be wrong. But some things are as simple as they seemed when glancing at the issue initially.