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  1. Athanasiou would go well with McDavid. I'd consider a straight up swap against Adam Larsson, the Edmonton defender that was swapped to get from NJ for Taylor Hall. Just food for thought.
  2. I said I wouldn't watch any series in the first round but this one. Well I did watch some games here and there but my hunch was right, this series is the most intense matchup in my opinion. Series is tied 2-2 and the last games of this series are Jacksoni certified if you are looking for good hockey.
  3. Great goal by Sidney Crosby though. Made this sort of a series.
  4. None will be resigned in regards to the Red Wings. Some might be signed el cheapo for the Griffins. Of those named Street and McIlrath to the Griffs. Callahan as well but he has a shot to move up as a 4th line grinder given the right circumstances. Possibly even as a starter if he does well up to the season start.
  5. Does not matter who wins this series. They are Detroit 2013-now in the sense that they might reach round 2 if lucky. Wrong thread for it, but just a note that every team is so similar so far I've seen in the playoffs (and regular season) that I am considering just dropping watching alltogether. Just pushed this reasoning here because of their likeness to our team the last 4 years.
  6. This. Ridiculous. Added lots of points to thread starters weirdo factor.
  7. I would fit in category 2. Especially regarding curvaciuous ladies, with some special rulesets applied.
  8. What amato said. I might watch this one. It'll probably be the only playoff series I will watch.
  9. That Svech move was very nice. Worth a rewatch if you appreciate good dekes. I was sure he was gonna go top shelf with his backhand since he flipped his wrist over, indicating he'd raise the puck - he went five hole instead, pushing the puck, unorthodox and creative. Liking this Russian so far. Good speed too.
  10. Cool down, ladies. Just enjoy that we have something to look forward to during this game. Make some noise, Svech. Our last russian sucked.
  11. I am. Have and still do. Crucial player for the wins.
  12. Excellent loss. And with that said I don't like losing to a bunch of kids, from Toronto on top of that. Why excellent? Because after our loss and Dallas's win we have sailed down to the 5th worst position. And why is that good? Because of the draft pick percentage chances.
  13. I think a bit like Legs 2 posts above. The only one possibly eligible is Henrik Zetterberg but that depends on how he ends his career. His book is not quite written yet. He is clearly a star and has shown supreme will, both to combat a very serious back injury and to will himself to be the best player on the team despite losing his speed after that back incident at the age of 36. That's some good stuff. It was clear that he could not drive this group to the playoffs but he still gave it his all. If he keeps this up for the duration of his contract and doesn't decline too much I think he has earned the right to hang next to the greatests. Barely.
  14. Sheahan played a big part in our disastrous effort to further the streak. I say hang him.
  15. What the hockey gods didn't give to Helm, they gave to Athanasiou. He has some hands for sure. Goes well with that speed. Like wine & cheese.