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9/20 -Preseason game 3 vs Islanders

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Game on. PM if you can't watch.


48 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Alright I'm alone on business trip right now and some wild s*** just happened to me and I gotta tell someone lol NSFW warning

So I've been on the east coast at a trade show convention this week. Wednesday and Thursday were the actual days of show, then Friday (today) there were some industry speakers who give presentations in the morning. Those presentations end at like noon and then after that there's a mixer (this matters later)

Rewind to Thursday (yesterday), second day of the show. I've just been walking the show talking to my various vendors and checking stuff out. Pretty standard, but after the first day of also doing this I've seen mostly everything and I'm pretty bored. So I'm kinda just loitering around the venue s*** posting on LGW cause I'm bored. Eventually I realize there is this HOT woman kinda loitering not doing anything as well... and she's kinda glancing at me here and there...


So naturally I approach her and start the small talk. We end up talking for like an hour if not more, and I totally get the impression she's feeling me. She's a bit older than me, but HOT as can be. She doesn't have a name badge on like I do, so finally, before the show ends, I tell her I didn't catch her name. She says, and I s*** you not:

"I'll do you one better... here's my room key, if I see you at the mixer tomorrow and I still like you I'll give you my room number and show you around town" (she was from like 3 hours away, but I got the distinct impression she didn't mean walking around the city).

Now people hook up at these type of things all the time, but it's never happened to me, so I'm pumped. Could barely sleep last night dreaming of hot key lady and the deeds that would come.

This morning I tried to look for hot key during the presentations, but couldn't find her. Eventually head to the mixer and after about 30 min there we spot each other, and hot key is looking even finer than yesterday. After a few drinks and some flirting she says meet me in room 312 in 20 min and heads off.


Sure as all hell I get to room 312 and hot key is there ready to go. I'll spare you the intimate details, but eventually I'm lying on the bed, and hot key stands up to take off the remainder of her clothes. Just as she has the last article off she poses all sexy and says:

"Ready for me to show you my town?"

And at that moment the door to the hotel room FLYS open. The angriest 40 year old dude I've ever seen is barreling into the room. He looks at me on the bed, he looks at hot key standing there nude, then back at me, and says:

"Hey mother f*****, that's my wife, what the hell do you think you're looking at???"

Fearing for my life all I could stammer out in response to his question was:

"Hey hey, hot key town"

LGRW boys beat those islanders

This reminds me of the time Tomas Holmstrom wrote to the AVGN.

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