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My Life In Iraq.....

27 April 2011 - 03:20 PM

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Hi, I'm SGT Ryan Bessey(flying/wing/n'Iraq), I made this post due to that I'm new to this forum, and already people are asking me about pictures and things in Iraq... So with that said I hope over the next few days WHEN I CAN post new pictures and tell my story and road in the army and many things I experienced that it can be a way to crack the ice for being the new guy and give you all some insight in my daily life over here in the "SAND BOX". By no means am I a story teller. Shoot I can barely use proper grammar, right in complete sentences. Heck I've barely read a book or story let a lone wrote one. So please bare with me. If you could care less about more story then thanks for stopping in. however, if your interest then I hope you enjoy it. Like I said it will be a slow and painful process of updating due to the fact that I personally do not have the luxury of being on the internet when I feel like it. Thanks and happy reading.

(Be advised, some vulgar language is used in telling this story,it is all intended for expressing how the army is) Once again thanks.

new to the forum, some one guide me to the rules?

26 April 2011 - 02:26 PM

Just like to take a few seconds of your time, and say hello to everyone on this forum. I'm Ryan out of Holland, MI, Currently on my 2nd tour in Iraq. I just happened to stumble across this awesome wings forum. I'm by no means going to sit here and blow smoke up your behind and say I'm the BIGGEST wings fan because thats a lie. However I am defiantly a hudge fan and in other words i love the wings just as much as the BIGGEST fan does but why i say that is theres someone out there with more wings gear or merchandise than me, hahaha. I was able to catch a wings game on my two weeks of leave for the first time in 3 years since joining the army. To bad they lost in a shootout to the AV's but it was just an amazing feeling to get back into the joe and be in the atmosphere again after being out for so long.

Now on to my topic, I've been on many forums before and I'm guessing theres a rule post somewhere on here. With that said I'm more than likely breaking a rule as we speak for posting in the wrong section. I would like to know if there's someone that can point me in the right direction.. ThanksPosted Image

also I hope to be able to get some sweet picks with my wings gear over here and share my experience with you all. We might not be able to play much ice hockey but we still hold the fort down with a little ball n stick game lmfao.