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  1. ChelisChick


  2. ChelisChick

    2012 Lockout Watch

    We will drown our sorrows together with the help of the Nashville Hilton and raspberry lemon drop martinis.
  3. ChelisChick

    2012 Lockout Watch

    Excuse me while I cry. This already sucks and it's only a few minutes old!!!!
  4. ChelisChick

    The one year anniversary of Lokomotiv's crash

    I know the Love For Lokomotiv Twitter said yesterday for everyone to keep the wives and families in your thoughts as they traveled to Russia for a memorial ceremony. I have 2 bracelets that I will be wearing tomorrow.
  5. ChelisChick

    Free Agency LIVE CHAT

    Ray Whitney to Dallas?! Wow!!!!
  6. ChelisChick

    Post Everytime You Look

    I decided yesterday to hire a cleaning lady.
  7. ChelisChick

    Members photos

    No promises. I called dibs on Joey after that signing! I'll leave Ozzy alone. And I guess I can give you Lilja.....maybe......
  8. ChelisChick

    song title game

    Waiting For the Night Boat- Duran Duran
  9. ChelisChick

    Post Everytime You Look

    Watching the replay of the USA/Canada game. Jimmy's in net!
  10. ChelisChick

    Members photos

    You can tell I'd been crying in that picture! LOL!!!! What a trip.... I'm quoting this picture just because I can. Oh Joey...... I'm ready for next season to start so I can come back. You know you're stuck with a yearly event, right Dawn?
  11. ChelisChick

    Post Everytime You Look

    I'm posting since I came in here and looked. Haven't been in the WC for a while. Had to see what I've missed. I could've lived without seeing that picture of the leather woman though. Thanks alot.
  12. ChelisChick

    This or That

    Flannel. I think wearing a guy's flannel pj pants is sexy. House slippers or socks?
  13. ChelisChick

    The person below me game...

    Does Lasik and having a mole removed count? TPBM has had an ingrown toenail.
  14. ChelisChick

    song title game

    Walk This Way- Aerosmith
  15. ChelisChick

    WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

    It was hard watching that in person. I had a feeling this was going to be the outcome, and unfortunately I was right. So now I'm drunk in my hotel room, wondering what the off-season will bring.