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Blame Canada

19 October 2015 - 02:06 AM

So going to my second and third game this week. Gonna watch them do battle with Alberta when they meet the Oilers and the Flames. Girlfriend and I are going to rock our new Zetterberg and Abdelkader jersey's. Got my dad coming too, and some friends I haven't seen in a really long time. Just hope they are able to turn their game around, it would be great to see some wins. Only other game I saw was a pretty poor performance against Vancouver last year.


Go Wings Go


Also yeah Zetterberg for playing so well, hope he can keep it up. Can't wait to see Larkin live, just suck the Magic Man won't be there.

Goalie Battle

01 October 2015 - 03:21 AM

goalies Mrazek and Howard have played in three preseason games each. Howard: 2.00 GAA and .943 SV%; Mrazek: 2.38 GAA and .929 SV%


Just read this, I'm sure some of you have as well. Just thought it was interesting.


For the record, I'm a fan of both, but really like Howard, and feel kind of bad for him last year, so I'm hoping he can still hopefully pull it out, and extend his career.

Need a little Abdelkader help please

07 September 2015 - 02:23 PM

Ladies and gents, I am about to buy my girlfriend her first Jersey. I've been trying to get her to pick a player, and she is really adamant about getting Abdelkader. Great, I love him, but I don't want to spend the 180$ on a jersey for a guy who might not be with the team next year. 



I've been trying to talk to her about getting Dekeyser, or Nyquist or Sheahan just because I figure they are guaranteed to be on the team longer. She really wants number 8 though.


So my question, what are the odds he resigns? If he doesn't does it really matter? Is it considered poor to wear a jersey for a guy not on the team anymore?


Thanks any feedback welcome. Also any recomendations on websites to order from?


12 April 2015 - 04:04 PM

Excited fort he playoffs, (last year was the first one i really payed attention too, hopefully this year goes better).


Just curious if anyone know what happened to Xavier Ouellet. I thought he played very solid earlier in the year, and then when they brought up Marchenko everyone forgot about him. Why isn't he playing instead of Big E, or at least being rotated in .

Anaheim Deja Vu

28 February 2015 - 12:53 AM

This made me feel a bit better about the team. Anaheim just did the same thing they did to us to the Kings. Down by two, and scored three in the third. Unlike us though, the Kings couldn't tie it up and get a point, Anaheim just potted the empty netter. Makes me feel all warm inside could be the Rye though.


All in all, win or lose tomorrow against Nashville I'm happy with how they played. I kept hearing doom and gloom, and if they could just break 500 against the other teams on this road trip we would be happy. They might have been ugly wins, mostly come from behind, but I am almost more thrilled by that. The fact that they never act like they are out of the game.


Beating Chicago was too sweet, especially in shoot out like they did. Somehow working their way back into the Dallas game. Sucks to lose to Anaheim, but they are a great game, and if anything the 40 minutes of dominance made me thrilled, losing to LA, on a six game win streak sucks, but they are a dangerous team and it's not like the Wings were manhandled. And then to come from behind against the Sharks.


I feel good about this team, and even more about the future seasons. Should just be up from here. I like our team, I like our Goalie (sorry Howard haters, he's a good man) and I love Red Wings hockey.


Sorry for the rant, just started watching two seasons ago. Last year was super stressful. Good year to get into it but more frustrations than this year. This year has felt great. I am like the only Red Wings fan in my circle (slowly converting my Dad and Girlfriend, Dog is already on board) so this is a good support group for me most times. I can't believe I never watched hockey before, but damn it what a sport. I mostly love it so much because this god damn team. Thank you for your time one and all.