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drinking game!

07 May 2013 - 11:33 PM

alright...i have noticed this for a few years. most red wings interviews contain a key word that get said over, and over, and over and.....


is it a michigan thing? a wings thing? a hockey player thing?


i am from michigan, and dont remember this.




thats it. its in between sentences, everywhere...i dare someone to take shots during an interview of a wings player....and remember the rest of the night.



over 13 times....in a 1:25



over 12 in 1:20




cleary only got 9 in 1:20....hmmm slacking?


if you put it into perspective...apparently whomever is giving the interview already knows. :g:



burmistrov benching

25 March 2013 - 02:58 AM

#8 alexander burmistrov  C/W winnipeg jets  21yrs.old




4 games scratched..coaches dog house


sooo...the rumors out of winnipeg is either the coach puts him back in play...or he gets traded.


from what i found...the coach seems to think hes not playing the system, but doesnt seem to back it up with any real fundamental situations.


this could be a chemistry thing...it could be a russian thing... it could be a communication with coach issue.


all in all, it doesnt seem to be a playing style, or a laziness.


the fans want something done...they see oodles of talent, but are questioning the coach, trying to understand him.


winnipeg media is talking...back in the lineup or move him. the coach is wasting time.


if i was holland...i'd be pecking on the GM's car window..."whats it gonna take "


pavel could use a talented russian winger. could buy more years of dangle in red.


what do you think it would take...opinions?