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  1. Decisions, decisions....geeeze....
  2. Can't quite figure out why they left the kid in for the whole game.
  3. YAY, CLEARY!!! All on his own. God love him!! YEEEHAAAA!!!
  4. I will miss him very much. He worked his ass off, and like someone else said here, he gave his body to the Red Wings. I hope he proves a lot of you to be arrogant, fickle fans.
  5. I think you stretched it a little here with your continuing comments, but I respect your right to make your own choices. Like I said, no need to push it.
  6. Could we make it a dirty pair of socks?
  7. AusWing doesn't have to root for Boston. Doesn't make him any less a Wings' fan. We all have choices. Just keep it clean and to the point.
  8. You don't want to go there, Brett.
  9. Never mind. There he is. Thanks AusWing.
  10. I know. I saw it. But did he get up on his own accord or did they have to help him back to the bench?
  11. Naw. He just be takin' a little nappy poo. ...Also clawing the other side of his face, hoping to get another WRONG call. EDIT: I also have a question about that. What the hell did happen to Shaw? The announcers didn't bother bringing it up again after the break.
  12. Let's see...at least two high sticks not called on the Hawks...plus a blatant hook by Bolland not all that long ago. Even Eddie called it! It sucks pucks and I'm beginning to think the Bruins don't have a prayer...without Bergeron and without the refs calling s*** on the Hawks.
  13. The Hawks have managed to become the diving queens of the NHL in the postseason. I expected Shaw to lay down again on the ice AFTER he went down and just flail his little arms and legs and scream till he got the call. P.O.S. I hope Bergeron's OK. They need him a WHOLE lot.