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  1. It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    I'm curious as to why OV is a piece of sh-i-t as you say? Plays hard, plays clean, has fun, scored lots of goals and from everything i've seen and heard he's respected by the other players on and off the ice. Care to elaborate? I'm not sure who the Tampons, Guppies, Quacks or Dives are but as long as the Leafs don't win the cup I will be fine with anyone else.
  2. Whipping Boy

    Anyone who has played hockey knows that playing center is a harder position than the wing. More skating, having to come deeper into your own end, more defensive responsibility etc.... With Z's "advanced" age to me it makes sense to move him to the wing.
  3. I Love Larkin

    First off with you it's hard to tell if you're serious or if this some April Fool's joke but in any context Larkin couldn't hold Stevie Y's jockstrap. I will give Larkin credit for his increased role this year but at the end of the day 15-16 goals isnt good enough. He should be a 30 goal scorer. End or story.
  4. Whipping Boy

    Z has played the wing before. I mean at this point of the year why not experiment a little bit.
  5. Whipping Boy

    If Nielsen was used as a 2nd line player like he should be he wouldn't dissapoint. Problem is he's been stuck playing with the likes of Helm and Abby all year on the 3rd line.
  6. Wings Recall Hicketts

    I will take a guy like Hicketts over most of the scrubs we have playing D. In the time he's been up he's made good decisions, good passes, plays his position well and plays much bigger than his size. He was our best d man last night hands down which says a lot for a guy who has played less than 5 games in the NHL.
  7. Whipping Boy

    Franzen 2.0
  8. I'm not going to read the list because it's ESPN and after their " 20 most dominant athletes " debacle of a list the other day I can't be bothered but to say the 2008 Wings were a better hockey team than the 2002 squad is insane. Our D was not as good in 2002 but who cares, no one could get the puck from us and we had Lidstrom in his prime. The puck possession on that 2002 team was out of this world. Up front there wasn't a weakness anywhere and we had one of the best checking lines ever assembled. The PP had two of the best right handed PP snipers ever with Hull and Shanny. It would be stretching to find a weakness on the 2002 team. The 2008 team was also obviously a very good team with Z and Pavel in their primes and our top 4 on D was amazing. I'm not taking anything away from them and if we had won the cup in 2009 also my view might be a bit different but I would take 2002 over 2008 all day.
  9. New draft rules

    If Trashill knew the Wings had to win to get a better lottery pick I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be mashing together the same terrible lines and sending them over the boards every night.
  10. New draft rules

    There has to be something along these lines. Post trade deadline points or points in your last 15 games or something that stops this garbage. The Hawks are masters at bending the rules and they will continue to do it.
  11. Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    And then post game he says crap like " There is a lot of pride in this dressing room, I don't know what tank means. We have to trust the process and play for jobs next year. Who knows we could have a RUN in us yet " blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. 2018 draft , who's your 2 picks in 1stR

    If management doesn't draft a crap ton of d men we are doomed. Absolute dumpster fire back there.
  13. Are we sure that Blashill is a good enough bad coach to tank properly? Are you his lubrication engineer?
  14. Wings Interested In Resigning Green

    totally agree. Jensen and XO are both expendable. I really thought with Green out and the increased minutes and responsibility Jensen would thrive and maybe prove something. He hasn't. He's a 3rd pair guy. Same with XO. No issue with either of them really but they are exactly what they are. Kronwall needs to hang em up and my verdict is still up in the air on Ericsson. He has been better than average this year.
  15. Grade the deadline

    You're not even making sense. A slappy? Instead of blaming Holland for not trading him you should actually blame him for the NTC/NMC he gave him which Green was well in his rights to exercise as part of his CONTRACT. He gave a two team list to Holland and they couldn't work out a deal with those teams. Read the stories. He wasn't even approached to waive meaning they didn't even get an offer.