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  1. puckbags

    Mike Green Officially Signed *Mod Warning Page 4*

    You can't just say " take away the PP points". Green is good on the PP and generates points from it. Daley isn't and doesn't. Different skill sets.
  2. puckbags

    Vanek Signs 1yr. $3M

    The guy gets points falling out of bed in the morning. He will be good for 40-50. Price is right. Term is right. Onward
  3. puckbags


    You don't have to be an expert these days to know that an 18 year old kid who has had 2 concussions is now considered high risk to get more. It's open knowledge for everyone. Stop sounding like Roger Goodell. I don't claim to be an expert by any means. Hell I coach minor hockey but we are required to take concussion courses before the season starts and all the information is laid out right there for us. Even with 9 and 10 year old kids we don't mess around with it. If we think they rang their bell we keep them off the ice, they go to the clinic and if a doctor even remotely thinks the kid has symptoms hes out a minimum 2 weeks and then reassessed. For the sake of Boqvist I obviously hope he doesn't have concussions issues and wherever he plays whether it's Detroit or somewhere else I hope he has a long healthy career. That being said I take Hughes or Bouchard over him at this point.
  4. puckbags


    Bruised goods? At this point I would rather draft a kid who just had knee surgery this spring than draft a young kid who has had more than 1 concussion.
  5. puckbags


    Of course it does. It's common knowledge that the more concussions you've had the higher the RISK of getting another one. That's CTE 101 More than ever? He has concussion issues. You can still want him, hell I want him but I wouldn't take him at 6.
  6. puckbags


    He was the guy I hoped we got but at that age with two concussions I would be steering clear. Hughes is who I would love to see unless anyone projected above him doesn't get taken.
  7. puckbags

    It's inevitable (unfortunately)

    I'm curious as to why OV is a piece of sh-i-t as you say? Plays hard, plays clean, has fun, scored lots of goals and from everything i've seen and heard he's respected by the other players on and off the ice. Care to elaborate? I'm not sure who the Tampons, Guppies, Quacks or Dives are but as long as the Leafs don't win the cup I will be fine with anyone else.
  8. puckbags

    Whipping Boy

    Anyone who has played hockey knows that playing center is a harder position than the wing. More skating, having to come deeper into your own end, more defensive responsibility etc.... With Z's "advanced" age to me it makes sense to move him to the wing.
  9. puckbags

    I Love Larkin

    First off with you it's hard to tell if you're serious or if this some April Fool's joke but in any context Larkin couldn't hold Stevie Y's jockstrap. I will give Larkin credit for his increased role this year but at the end of the day 15-16 goals isnt good enough. He should be a 30 goal scorer. End or story.
  10. puckbags

    Whipping Boy

    Z has played the wing before. I mean at this point of the year why not experiment a little bit.
  11. puckbags

    Whipping Boy

    If Nielsen was used as a 2nd line player like he should be he wouldn't dissapoint. Problem is he's been stuck playing with the likes of Helm and Abby all year on the 3rd line.
  12. puckbags

    Wings Recall Hicketts

    I will take a guy like Hicketts over most of the scrubs we have playing D. In the time he's been up he's made good decisions, good passes, plays his position well and plays much bigger than his size. He was our best d man last night hands down which says a lot for a guy who has played less than 5 games in the NHL.
  13. puckbags

    Whipping Boy

    Franzen 2.0
  14. I'm not going to read the list because it's ESPN and after their " 20 most dominant athletes " debacle of a list the other day I can't be bothered but to say the 2008 Wings were a better hockey team than the 2002 squad is insane. Our D was not as good in 2002 but who cares, no one could get the puck from us and we had Lidstrom in his prime. The puck possession on that 2002 team was out of this world. Up front there wasn't a weakness anywhere and we had one of the best checking lines ever assembled. The PP had two of the best right handed PP snipers ever with Hull and Shanny. It would be stretching to find a weakness on the 2002 team. The 2008 team was also obviously a very good team with Z and Pavel in their primes and our top 4 on D was amazing. I'm not taking anything away from them and if we had won the cup in 2009 also my view might be a bit different but I would take 2002 over 2008 all day.
  15. puckbags

    New draft rules

    If Trashill knew the Wings had to win to get a better lottery pick I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be mashing together the same terrible lines and sending them over the boards every night.