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    Datsyuk could come back right now and be the best player on this team.
  2. Anyone notice Abdelkader isn't playing today?..........yea me either.

    I will use the word better. I won't use good. I will give him credit. He has been a lot better this year. Have to him some kind or praise when all we've done is crap on him for 2 years.

    Green doesn't need to be showcased. Teams know exactly what they are getting with him. We should've send Ericsson. He's played pretty good but a little extra ego boost couldn't hurt. Can you imagine how bad he would be in a 3 on 3 format haha
  5. Realignment Talk

    Dont tell Buttman that, he will have that done in a heartbeat
  6. Realignment Talk

    Why would we " go " to the east? We are already there.
  7. Mid Season Awards

    After last night we are officially at the mid way point of the season and sit a very boring and mediocre 17-17-7. I thought it would be fun to come up with some mid season awards. Feel free to add other ones if you wish. MVP : Jimmy Howard - He has been our best player this year. Kept us in a lot of games. Hopefully he gets back soon. I've really enjoyed watching him play this year. Best Forward - Dylan Larkin - Hard to pick someone out of this bunch, we have no one on pace for 30 goals or 70 pts. Larkin needs to score more but his all around game has improved and he gets my nod Best D man - Mike Green - Plays the most, has the most points. He's been pretty consistent overall. Biggest surprise - Martin Frk - 8 goals in limited minutes for a guy who was once a castaway, it's possible with increased minutes he could get 15 goals. Biggest disspointment - Frans Nielsen - I'm trying really hard to see what he's bringing, I get it he's a good two way player but he has 15 pts in 41 games. Not good enough for that kind of money Feel free to add, discuss and give your own opinion
  8. Realignment Talk

    Ummm..Nowhere? It's Monday..am I missing something?
  9. Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

    I keep looking at the standings and seeing Vegas and it makes me chuckle. Think of this, if they went on a 20 game losing streak starting right now they would be 29-30-2 and still would be having a very good expansion year.
  10. Realignment Talk

    I'm confused as to why they totally over think this stuff. West has one less team. Seattle make up for that. They clearly should be in the Pacific. Take the eastern most team in the Pacific now and move them to the central. Is it really that hard?
  11. 1/5 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    If there was a poll up right now for the first half MVP ( for the Wings ) and Jimmy Howard doesn't get at least 97% of the votes I must be watching a totally different sport. That guy has been above the rim good this year. He's been so good they don't even think about putting Mrazek in net.
  12. 1/5 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Great pinch by Errorson
  13. The Idiot GM

    It's all about salary cap and contracts that can be traded. Teams will rob us blind at the deadline because they know we are desperate to get rid of contracts and that we have 0 cap room Teams don't want guys with high contracts who have done eff all this year. Helm is the type of guy who could be traded, he has been good this year and his cap hit is bad but not atrocious. If teams can get out of Helm exactly what he's done this year they would be more than willing to take on the 3.8 cap hit. Tatar and Nyquist are a clone. Trade one of them. Abdelkader isn't going anywhere, he's not good enough this year to warrant any type of interest. Nielsen has been a disappointment, good two way player yada yada yada, he needs to put up points too.
  14. The Idiot GM

    Holland is retiring at the end of the year. We will probably make Draper GM and then we can complain about another guy.