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  1. Exactly, his ego is too big. He will want a pay day and we don't have the cap space.
  2. Question about the draft, we can only lose one player in the expansion draft right?
  3. I thought we would be a good trade partner with them but seeing those salaries it doesn't seem to make sense. I know they had interest in Gus around the trade deadline but the only logical contract coming back our way that plays D is Hjalmarrson but I don't think they are trading him. Man I thought we had contract issues. Crawford and Seabrook both at 6 + million and now the Panarin contract will be on the books at 6+ next year + 21 milliion tied up in Toews and Kane. Looks good on them. Their play reminds me so much of how the Wings played after 08-09, they look tired, still good enough to make the playoffs but it would take an unreal hot streak to make a run in the playoffs.
  4. No where in any world does Fowler get that kind of return, in my opinion. Very interested in him but not at that price. I don't see them moving him unless he is already hinting at a massive raise. Bieksa's 4 million comes off the books next year so that frees up some room for Fowler. On a side note Rakell had 33 goals this year as a 23 year old and they have him locked up until 2022-2023 at 3.7 per year. That may be one of the best contracts in the league if he keeps scoring 30+ goals a year
  5. Can we expose you in the draft? I heard Vegas will need some new tv timeout talent to dance in the aisles between whistles.
  6. Russo, Street, Callahan, Lorito are all AHL/fringe NHL players.
  7. Caps in 5. I think the Leafs will win one at home for all the people that paid $500 for upper bowl tickets.
  8. He falls into the Chelios, Hull conversation with me. Hated both of those guys before they were Wings. There isn't a player in the organization I wouldn't trade for him right now. He is a sh*tbag but he's a helluva hockey player.
  9. Tough one, I thought he was good all night.
  10. I believe that's 2 on the ice so far today. Nice work Wings fans. Anytime now a PETA protester will be hanging from the rafters of the Joe protesting and holding up the game.
  11. Pens in 5, they are just better except in goal.
  12. I hope about 50 get thrown on the ice. What are they going to do ? Give us a bench minor? Who cares at this point.
  13. Out dated? People throw them on the ice every game pretty much. How does that make it out dated. ?
  14. In the generation to be offended by everything PETA has requested Wings fans be fined and banned for throwing Octopus on the ice. http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1274623?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  15. Do you laugh at your own jokes?