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  1. puckbags

    Wings acquire Adam Erne from Tampa

    Put him with Bert, Acquire a guy named Oscar and we could have Oscar centering Bert and Erne. The Sesame Street Line.
  2. puckbags

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    What a day to be a Wings fan. Welcome home Stevie Y, lets turn this ship around.
  3. The hype should be a .gif of a dumpster with 100 gallons of gasoline getting dumped in it.
  4. A good trade. The 2nd would've been good enough for Jensen. We also get a young guy with some potential for a guy we clearly weren't resigning or it would've been done by now.
  5. puckbags

    Rumors Thread

    Ericsson's lateral movement is so bad. If he can play in a straight line he's decent. He's a pretty decent passer but he's just not fast enough anywhere on the ice.
  6. puckbags

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    Exactly. We are bad, we aren't going anywhere. It's time to let Hronek and Cholo play as much as possible. Problem is we are in salary cap purgatory and there is no where for some of these guys to go. DK, Ericsson and Jensen are just taking up space but no one is taking on E or DK's contract.
  7. I was at the game yesterday. There is times in the first 2 periods where I'm watching and can't for the life of me figure out why we are so bad. Then I looked at the scoreboard after 2 and realized we had 30 shots on net, carried the play and had 2 goals. They had us right where they wanted us because we can't put a team away and we cant hold a lead on the road and poooof. We end up losing. Blashill is terrible. During the TV time out he doesn't say a thing. Kronwall, Nielsen, Larkin do all the talking. That says a lot to me. Kronwall, Green and Hronek were our best 3 d. The other 3 are just filling space. Ericcson, DK and Jensen are 3rd pairing d men. Top 6 on forward possessed the puck well but too much passing. It was painful. AA is basically playing 4th line minutes and going forward it does nothing for his development. Last thought : The western conference is a dumpster fire. The Canucks are bad and they are in a playoff spot.
  8. Green is back. We will play better. If you don't believe me check our record without him.
  9. puckbags

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    This is kind of off topic but I came across this today. Check the date. It was ignorant at the time to suggest and now it's just sad and comical.
  10. Insert dumpster fire .gif <<< here >>>
  11. Haha. Lazy? Doubt that Sucks? He does
  12. I will ask you to refer again to our lineup without Green in the lineup. Eats minutes so some of these other chumps don't play as much, plays the PP, Plays against top players and he can actually move the puck out of our end. I know Green wouldn't be considered a true #1 anymore but he is the closest we have to one. As for Blashill. Just listen to his post game pressers. He says the same thing every bloody time. " We can't dwell on that game, we just have to get better".............YOU AREN'T GETTING BETTER JEFF.
  13. I don't think he will be one of them. He could've went somewhere else in free agency in the off season if he wanted to but decided to re sign in Detroit. I don't know what other offers were out there but I would assume they were comparable to what he got from other teams better than the Wings. Probably went for a special back alley rub down. Rub and Tizzug. ( Trailer park boys reference )
  14. puckbags

    World Juniors

    Thanks. Unfortunately I won't be heading over to Vancouver for any games. Just the pool play in Victoria.