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  1. AtlantaHotWings


    Hate the sin love the sinner?
  2. AtlantaHotWings

    Provorov now this?

    Old dog chiming in ... Okay a bit confused why it's an all or nothing situation with the NHL. If players have a religious or other reason to not wear the jersey why can't the others wear the jersey? If you feel strong enough about it both sides should respect each other's opinion. People can eventually change their attitude but you can't force them to. Try to force me to do something and I am going to push back and we get nowhere other than we both are more frustrated. We had multiple pride events at work during pride month last year. I didn't require my entire team to attend the events nor could I. Some did some didn't those that didn't oh well you missed out. From this link "Do not force employees to participate While Pride is about inclusion and togetherness, it’s essential to respect all team members’ feelings and beliefs. Forcing participation can be counterintuitive to the cause. Some employees may come from cultural backgrounds or carry religious beliefs that conflict with Pride. Some employees may be private and prefer to keep their home and work lives separate, and for some, love life and sexuality is personal. Forcing those employees to participate will make them feel uncomfortable, and they might even blame the *** employees of the workplace for that." I would rather the NHL donate $$ to the Trevor Project or similar. Holding a one night pride night is meh vs trying to engage on a more consistent basis. IMHO It's like telling your wife you love her only on Valentine's day vs the entire year.
  3. AtlantaHotWings

    New New Prospects Thread

    Parade Planning commencing
  4. AtlantaHotWings


    Always thought of them as a retail supplier of uniforms. But based on this article they are doing other leagues uniforms already
  5. AtlantaHotWings

    2023 UFA / Draft

    We have a date to get a lot of praying to whatever deity you believe in to get number 1 pick
  6. AtlantaHotWings

    New New Prospects Thread

    Ben is down .... but in every dark cloud there is a sliver of light.
  7. AtlantaHotWings

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    this little video....
  8. AtlantaHotWings

    2023 UFA / Draft

    Call me pessimistic but with our history with the lottery I don't see us getting Bedard. Although if we get say a top 3 pick its almost as good as getting Bedard lots of talent in that top 10. I am on the fence with the Islander's pick @ 13 or higher this year or maybe they implode next year and we get another chance at a higher end pick.
  9. AtlantaHotWings


    U2 almost as overrated as Zadina
  10. AtlantaHotWings

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    Speaking of teztees....
  11. AtlantaHotWings

    Zadina Just Missed A Wide Open Net _Vs Hawks_GDT

    If it's an ACL a roster spot just opened up for perhaps a Mr Söderblom?
  12. AtlantaHotWings

    New New Prospects Thread

    Aaah both callups for at least 1 game and they both must play cause Cossa could get called up and sit the bench. By the way I believe in this Bets are debts of honor....
  13. AtlantaHotWings

    New New Prospects Thread

    So this a double or nothing style bet?
  14. AtlantaHotWings

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    When Chuck no longer tweets then we know the answer to the first statement
  15. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Tank

    I need moment of alone time for that ....