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  1. AtlantaHotWings

    Glendog for Captain

    Wings captains list from '32 to present as thats as much as I could get in one snip Some solid names on this list and dudes with names like Mud and Flash had to be pretty good !!
  2. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Draft Thread

    Metaphorically speaking for the Pens. All I got was a lockdown which crushed the beginning of my year.
  3. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Draft Thread

    Pittsburgh's 1st draftees from 2004/05 say "Really Max high draft picks matter?" Didn't help us at all(insert rolleyes) as we polish our cup rings during quarantine.
  4. ME too holy s*it this is pure evil genius!!!!! Granted nacho cheese would be a better flavor ..Change my mind
  5. So if you are a fat Russian Orthodox are you by default a homophobe? Or just a Dorito eating machine that is hiding your *** in the refrig?
  6. AtlantaHotWings

    NHL Season officially suspended until further notice - March 12, 2020

    this emptiness of a suck team will pass just like the virus.....then the LCA will be packed again hang in there
  7. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Offseason

    Easy to settle this debate with .... Comrie debate > "Zadina/Kotkaniemi && Ovie/Sid && Franzen/Hossa && synthetic/dinosaur(any motorcycle people will get this) && any other debatable pairs.
  8. AtlantaHotWings

    NHL Season officially suspended until further notice - March 12, 2020

    Or perhaps test players for antibodies and if they have the antibody they can get into a scrum? Or simply pass out participation ribbons to 24 teams and then be done.
  9. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Offseason

    Figured this link should come here.... From Kahn Agree/Disagree with his thoughts?
  10. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Offseason

    Bernier stats behind our "wonderful" defense sipped from Murray's on what I think we can agree a much better Pens defense. Murray had some nice company where he is sitting with Bob and Anderson. I wonder if part of Murrays "issues" were that he was looking over his shoulder worrying about the the other guy taking over. Dependent on cost I might be tempted to make the call to the Pens
  11. AtlantaHotWings

    2020 Draft Thread

    So do our odds get better in a 1 of 7 vs 1 out of 16 ? If they revise it to 7 teams then maybe the drop is a max 2 vs 3? As long as we dont drop beyond 4 as that is equal to the regular draft.
  12. Dudes all over the NHL deleting as fast as possible. Had they used signal or kik been a lifesaver
  13. AtlantaHotWings

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    My ex took the offer sheet and I felt no need to match. Plenty of players on the market to fill her role on the bottom...6
  14. AtlantaHotWings

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    Based on your other warnings posted in the other thread. Maaaaaybe a rant against Franzen? But in 08 he was still playing well (13 g 5 asst) so that makes me question your warning. I think you were setup by someone!!!
  15. AtlantaHotWings

    LGW Buyouts

    Lefty you won't see ever win the Lady Byng unless you date a lady named Byng. Damn son you were an aggressive player in your day. Just the kind of poster I need for my new forum. "Franzen hates Ladies' alternatives to playoff beards change my mind "