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  1. Rumors Thread

    Well Well we have a new leader on the trade board.... So wondering if we even have enough to pull off a trade based on below this from the article (and no I don't believe crippling a team for a single player is a good thing) "The Senators are believed to be seeking a package of five-to-seven assets in return for Karlsson, a combination of impact roster players, draft picks and prospects."
  2. Rumors Thread

    More off TSN Looks like we wanted a 2nd they wanted to give a 5th but..... From the article.... "TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger said Tuesday morning Glendening is drawing interest on the trade market, but it's unclear if the Leafs still have interest." Who else would have mad love for Glenndog? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Go and come back Mike and you can be a pairing with the new shiny object we might get in June.
  3. Rumors Thread

    And he scores the game winner as he yells to the D to pass to him....baahaa
  4. Rumors Thread

    Perhaps a trade during pregame skate? Join your new team on the way out of the building save a bit on travel costs.
  5. Rumors Thread

    Would anyone be happy we trade Green for Foote and a pick. Then Green resigns back to us in summer for ?x?. What ?x? would make folks happy around here.
  6. Rumors Thread

    I personally prefer the trades happen after my trip to LCA on Saturday night as I paid a lot of money for my tickets, plane fare, hotel etc and would like to see a competitive game vs seeing the future Wings with a lot of callups from GR.
  7. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    I am willing to experience anger and vulgar yelling at me for winning the lottery
  8. Rumors Thread

    A new process will help a lot of these players. Wonder if Hawks have gone weary of Q's gravel voice as they are dead last in the Central and basically 10 points from Colorado. Heck if you look at the overall league standing with our 2 games in hand. If we were to win both games we would be a point ahead of Chicago ...and we are sad about our team Hawks fans must be beyond frustrated.
  9. Rumors Thread

    What if Green stays yet you trade Nyquist for a prospect Tatar for a prospect and Jimmy for draft picks would that be considered a good deadline day?
  10. Rumors Thread

    Stevie has always played to win ...
  11. 2/11 GDT Red Wings at Capitals 3:00 PM EST

    So Bertuzi sits due to upciming league review of match penalty or Blash punishment ?
  12. Both the Russian judge and Spanish judge ruled it a 8.5 with the US judge ruling 9.7.
  13. Tanking Aint Easy

    I think we do what New Jersey did last year. Get rid of contracts/vets for picks/prospects. Bring up kids that are on the bubble of making the club let them play out the rest of the year. They learn get the summer to work on weaknesses and come back hungrier and know what to expect.
  14. Seattle

    Surprised Barista's isn't a choice have a big coffee mug on the front of the jersey. When a hat trick is scored coffee cups instead of hats are thrown on ice. Penalty box is the Penalty pot. No offending any group as everyone in Seattle is jacked on java.