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  1. AtlantaHotWings

    Tough Guy The Bob Probert Story

    Hopefully it and Russian 5 make it to Netflix for us fans not living in the Mitten
  2. conspiracy!!! Make the Met Great Again
  3. AtlantaHotWings

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    Get the guns first THEN no way to defend your money....
  4. AtlantaHotWings

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    I hope Columbus leaves Tampa tied as last year wasn't a good result when they went home up by 2. Going home tied doesn't have media bringing up last year and making grips tight on sticks.
  5. AtlantaHotWings

    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    screw crowding the box lets have 4 goalies...
  6. Really make GMs think on deals at TDL. of course it will change when we are a bubble team. The NHL has a conspiracy against us being great again....
  7. AtlantaHotWings

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    Watched the highlights looked like Torts threatened Bob with a trip to Siberia. Man what a difference in his play.
  8. So the tradition started in Pittsburgh during the regular season and because they scored 3 goals? I think the Panthers rats story is a bit cooler than the catfish one.
  9. I concur on both items in this sentence.... Why not take his idea of 5 expand to the last 8 are lottery eligible. Would not his ideas help with parity also and getting "superstars" in each city?
  10. AtlantaHotWings

    Happy with 6th Pick?

    You get Byram and go after Trouba next July 1 hope the appeal of a team on the rise snags Trouba.
  11. AtlantaHotWings

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    for those that don't remember the incident...
  12. Agree 100% don't think anyone would whine if the 8th place team got the first pick. But a team that essentially finished with a shot at a wild card spot Chicago(-6) shouldn't leapfrog to the 3rd spot. I still like the play in for draft points pick in order of points after you have been eliminated teams like Ottawa would have had the chance to gather points before us, us before AZ, Montreal, Chicago etc. Doubt it changes anytime soon but the concept seems solid on the surface.
  13. AtlantaHotWings

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    We wanted a top 3 pick....
  14. AtlantaHotWings

    Happy with 6th Pick?

    More disappointed in dropping vs going up had we remained at 4 I would have been okay. Still shaking my head over Chicago's leap of 12. Happier to see Avs drop just hate seeing someone get rewarded off another's effort. Was it just me or did Sakic look like he hadn't slept in months?
  15. Holy crap Hughes was 9 years old so was Gordie and StevieY and Ted the prophecy has come true...we have waited 3 years which ithe square root of 9 ....prophecy of the 9th wing will be fulfilled