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  1. AtlantaHotWings

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    In between periods Kevin Weeks was saying he couldnt believe Lil Bert got suspended. Weeks said the Avs player could have let go of the stick vs spearing folks. He is young he will learn. I am totally fine with them feeling their oats and being a bit feisty.
  2. AtlantaHotWings

    12/2 Fly or Die GDT - Avalanche @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    due to it being Avs - Wings a blast from 96
  3. AtlantaHotWings

    I Love Larkin

    This and also 1 player doth not make a team. Now if this was basketball(thank God it isn't) different story. A single player can put a team on their back and carry them as they aren't on the court for 45 secs at a time. Not like Crosby or McDavid or Matthews roll for all 60 minutes a game. So IMHO you don't give up 3 sub superstars for 1 bonified superstar as now you have fill-in the blanks where those 3 were. Like when we won in 97 we surrounded the superstars with complimentary players. Found this off some old posts here... For 97, I think I remember seeing... Yzerman(Superstar) with Sandstrom and Lapointe 2 non-stars Fedorov(Superstar) with Kozlov and Brown 2 non-stars Larionov(Star) with Shanahan(Superstar) and McCarty non-star Draper with Maltby and Kocur non-stars So if we take Larkin(star) Cholowski(potential star) Hughes(projected superstar) you have similar setup coming to above at least on the offense side. Granted not as many superstars. Lines are just thrown together as examples. Larkin Ras Bert Hughes Veleno Zadina AA Mantha XX(potential star/superstar) Svech So I say keep on the same train track we are seeing good things now and add more talent to surround what we got. Get some more draft picks maybe move parts above to improve things. My $.02
  4. AtlantaHotWings

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Looks like the Probie movie is on Superchannel from what I read which is a Canadian only channel? I hope they push it to Amazon offer up the fee to watch to some concussion/substance abuse organization.
  5. AtlantaHotWings

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Duh Hockeymom your subconscious is working overtime on ya. It knows you would have Beer AND Fried Cheese Curds at every concession stand who could want more? I am ready to sign any petition for a Wisconsin team based on that alone. Probably based on dietary habits the seats would be bigger also.
  6. Either works for me but prefer scratch vs hurt as I don't wish injury on anyone. Well other than the ex..LOL I kid I really I do kid(rolls eyes)
  7. Who would have thunk that a month ago....
  8. AtlantaHotWings

    Rumors Thread

    If Jimmy doesn't play against the Blues tonight really fire up the rumor mill as it would be his turn in net right?
  9. AtlantaHotWings

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Mega play is 5 numbers form 1 to 70 plus powerball. Soo applied your wisdom and Friday's mega play will be the following 10 - Delvecchio 14 - Goose 16 - Vladdy 40 - Z 61 - De la Rose..a wee stretch Powerball 1 - Sawchuck =========== 6 - Aurie 10 - Delvecchio 14 - Goose 40 - Z 41 - Luke Powerball 1 - Sawchuck =========== 4 - Kelly 6 - Aurie 10 - Delvecchio 16 - Vladdy 40 - Z Powerball 1 - Sawchuck Might play all these combinations or maybe a different powerball as I am relying quite a bit on Sawchuck to deliver. Other combinations are welcome!!! I win there will be gifts...LOL
  10. AtlantaHotWings

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Want to give me some winning lottery numbers Swami Lefty?
  11. AtlantaHotWings

    1st Quarter Grades

    Looks like he found the right hooker last night and scored! Based on last night results Insult Nyquist he does good Praise Jimmy he sucks worse than a vacuum cleaner
  12. AtlantaHotWings

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    What if Yzerman doesn't want to GM anymore or be the GM of the Wings(I know blasphemy) Could he jump up the ladder to be a president? He is a BC boy maybe go be president of Nucks and Benning does GM work cause I think Benning is still dual roling it out there. The whole move back to Detroit is a shell game and all he is doing is packing up the house to head west. If that were to happen what would Tampa get in return provided it happens before his contract is up?
  13. AtlantaHotWings

    2019 Off-Season

    I have no issue with the list as long as we can add to it. If i can get behind the one eared Libertarian for Georgia Governor I can support a candidate with non-functional legs. I sooo wanted my guy to turn to the 2 other knuckleheads in the debate with his missing ear side and say "Georgia can't hear you big money politicians." then drop the mic and walk off the stage.
  14. AtlantaHotWings

    2019 Draft

    LOL I am sooo in this mode....doing point(draft high) counter point(Be Cinderella) in the mirror is killing me....
  15. AtlantaHotWings

    So I gotta ask...

    I rather have them gain confidence and keep competing. Would rather roll the dice on the draft show and pray that the hockey gods smile upon us vs tanking for increased odds of getting Hughes.