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  1. LOL why not? Not that Trump is the shinning example but the original folks that were congressman actually worked for a living vs feeding off the taxpayers and lobbyists. We had a discussion the other night shouldn't senators and representatives be paid by the state they represent vs getting their pay from the federal govt? Then cabinet ambassadors would be be paid by the fed as they represent the US. Something to chew on a Friday afternoon and a massive thread drift...
  2. As long they finish by September for Kid Rock I will be happy. Funny coming back to see a concert at a hockey arena then back in Jan for hockey
  3. and if we get anything close to this......I would be estatic
  4. Maybe he becomes a wrecking ball and hits everything in sight which is something we haven't had in ages.
  5. I am sure league revenue is helped by things like this that was signed in 2014 for a 9 year deal 2.6 BILLION per year starting last year which ain't chump change.
  6. 94 players in NBA make over 10 million which Mr Sid makes this season if I read terms of Sids contract right.
  7. NBA avg is 6.2 MI going to 10 MI by 2020 season heck I would sit at the end of the bench for 4 MI per year. He was off decimal point and a few numbers as 6.2/82 = approx 75k per game. My oh my how do they live with such a small check! Wonder how that breaks down per touch of the ball.
  8. Comes with a pretty bad ass beard too....
  9. Hate it when people promise things and don't follow through.... "When Nick retires so will I" ....Ken "Liar" Holland
  10. Last pick only one under 6 foot now if half these big boys make it we will have size just in time as the game shifts back to small fast players...LOL
  11. The coach and GM of our team are walking hand in hand this season. Granted I wish it was hand in hand into the Detroit river.....
  12. Personally I liked the chick who did the draft announcing
  13. so results of draft so far no cap relief "angry/attitude" young goalie still under contract Errorson still here Same old same old for next season........ But perhaps Detroit plays Vegas on a weekend and that would be well worth it!
  14. Just watching till I see who Detroit loses
  15. Kinda likeed how the midget got booed even in an expansion city....