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  1. Losses happen in 3s We lost Gordie Mr I and the Streak
  2. Losses happen in 3s We lost Gordie Mr I and the Streak
  3. Grass is a bit softer than ice to land on....!! Remember when the Avs were the DiveAvalanche with Peter the Great leading them off the springboard? I think Mr Crosby has taken it to a whole new level. I respect his talent but flopping like a fish does not help his future hall of fame reputation as it takes focus of what he is capable of.
  4. Chelly needs to stop into his bar in Detroit and make the food worth eating vs talking crap about Babs
  5. wow the nutchop was a plain old crappy cheapshot play for sure. But hey when you have a flightless bird who has similar body shape of the commissioner you can get away with pretty much anything.
  6. I think BringBack was referring to do if Pittsburgh were in our shoes right now. That the person who has never laced up skates and is very short (being politically correct) would figure out how to rig the system. Therefore insuring his favorite team got the 1st pick.
  7. This is a move to try and get us closer to the bottom. Never thought I would root for my Wings to lose....
  8. We pick high in the draft again next year? So a no lose proposition
  9. Maybe Coach Q likes Detroit nightlife when in town and is punishing Jurco for the comment...LOL Or Jurco is fading fast.
  10. and I am p*ssed off I did....going to think really hard about it next year. At least I broke up with GF that was a Hawks fan so that scab can heal vs being picked off when she would send overall standings. Granted it wasn't the only reason I am NOT that shallow...okay maybe I am...
  11. What if they had replaced Blashill 2 or 3 months ago and the new coach got them into the playoffs? I am old but if memory serves me right as we still had a shot in December to make the playoffs Look at the Bruins won what 7 of the last 10 after a coach flip. if that had happened Kenny wouldn't have been a seller and we woudl be whining that the Wings weren't progressing to the new era. Sometimes as much as it hurts a swift kick to the nether regions is required to get your mind focused. This season has been that kick. Now if Holland goes into the fetal position then shame on ownership for not DEMANDING action. Going to be soooo weird that there is no hockey in Detroit after April 10 this year.
  12. Very Fedorov-like able to play both offense and defense.
  13. Didn't see this posted on a my quick look around Appears it's time to see what the folks in GR have to start thinking about next that feels weird typing that after 25 years...
  14. Yeah I quoted myself as its a great start to a review. First game was fantastic especially with faceoff leading to the winning goal happening right in front of us. Took pictures with center ice behind us until the usher kicked us out. Got pics at the statues until doing a selfie just cause sometimes you gotta, someone ran into me went flying...hit the cold and very hard floor and broke. So no phone the rest of the weekend. Ended up in casino till too late and lost way too much. Which brings us to breakfast ....OMG doesn't describe the Hudson Cafe!! Ended up getting there by 10:15ish and the lobby was stacked and it was a 20 min wait. Debated on staying but my lady said hey the dudes on the forum recommended it. Plus we were starving so we waited it out. The wait was justified monster plate of food and those pancakes seriously 2 as a side? Walked out of there 2 stuffed happy ticks to start our day. Megathanks to KR and Echolalia for the recommendation. Perhaps we should have a thread with lists of places to go to. So when we out of towners ask questions of places to eat when in town can have a good reference. We did appetizers at Hockeytown in the afternoon when we first got to Motown not exactly impressed. Did Chelis for dinner once again not impressed at all. But the breakfast at Hudson made up for both of the before mentioned places.
  15. Per this article StevieY #2 Lids #5 StevieY #3 Lids #8 StevieY on this list no Lids StevieY #8 Lids #13 hard to believe who they put ahead of Stevie .. and no mention of Hank....but maybe honorable mention for the bad ass beard? Seems no matter what Messier is always #1 not sure about that...