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  1. blgillett

  2. No Gordie Howe Lindsay Sawchuck Delvecchio
  3. Signed

    yes Kenny has stated that he would get defenseman with a trade he has stock piled forwards and now in need of shedding some but don't expect to see it happen right away prices are high right now he will let things cool a little and guys like Tatar Nyquist and Jurco will be trade bait for a top two defenseman i would agree with the first two but Ott is no B+ nor c+ I don't look for him to play barring injury
  4. AAh no
  5. Signed

    Only problem I have with this is one year we will have to get rid of one of our young guys for someone with a one year deal but I'm guessing Kenny is planning to trade a young forward for a defenseman anyways
  6. Signed

    Not a fan of him not a fan of one year deals
  7. signed

    Love the deal
  8. signed

    Over paid
  9. Typical wing type guy good two way player. Not great but we didn't have to many other choices. We are done after resigning our players not enough left to get anyone barring a trade
  10. To be honest there isn't anyone out there that will get us to the playoffs this year we might be in true rebuild mode this year
  11. this had nothing to do with Kenny give me a break
  12. Yeah sucks plan B I guess but plan B isn't very good one
  13. Trade

    Unreal Kenny has pulled a miracle out of his hat and maybe open up an opportunity to make the Wings a contender again👍
  14. Everyone knew he was going but it's a bad deal that we end up eating his whole contract that means no big name player coming in this summer which probably means we miss the playoffs this year 😖
  15. There are no other Babcock's out there my friend. There is no doubt he got more out of his player that's why he is so good. Give Blashhill a chance he is just getting started and we have has a rash of injuries again.